It is up to me!

So far I have come up with one life conclusion, It is up to us, to our self how we will organize, enjoy and fulfil our life. It is up to me, how much I will learn, in which field I will develop my skills and knowledge, it is up to me who will be my friend and how I will enjoy the life.

My last decision was to upgrade my trainer’s competencies in non-formal education on the ToT “It’s up to me 6” in Bremen Germany. What I learned there?! Absolutely nothing theoretical! I gained experience; I was given the opportunity to observe from professionals how they prepare the sessions, what are the challenges of the professional and most important one, trust in the process!

We are living in dynamic societies where is quite difficult to have time for self-development and self-reflection. On this training, we had a great setting and time to self reflect to confront our fears and expectations to understand that everything is up to us as individuals. Discovering and experimenting with the new learning methodologies and self-reflection methods bring us to the next level of our trainer life.

I will speak for myself, using the “I” sentences as one of the learned methods in this training. I met people who are not my trainers anymore, are not my friends, and are not coaches or supervisors. I met my peers, my travel mates, I heard real-life stories, happy and challenging ones as well, but I grew up. There are so many questions in my head, and this is normal because being a trainer means learning from your trainee, from the experience, from the emotion and reactions of your learners it is one ongoing process.

People in our lives are coming with a purpose. We always build both sides relations and we are putting part of our energy, soul and time into every relationship that we are building. These relations maybe will not be life long lasting but for sure they will be one corner in your life. When you will have the need for that “safe corner“, you will take yourself there and recharge your batteries.

Vafire Muharemi

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