Splashing fun in the sun! – YE in Mugla, Turkey

Summer can officially start!!

It was 26th of April, groups from all around the world took place in the youth exchange in Mugla (Marmaris), Turkey. The name of the project was “The time is now! Inter-cultural learning dialogue as a tool for new leaders”.


Everything started with introducing each other and playing games. We were getting closer to each other day by day and we started to make our net of friendship. During the Intercultural nights we saw and learnt and got to know a lot of interesting things, such as food, national dances, marvelous places and so on. Every national group had something to present in front of the other participants. In the workshop sessions we learnt about EVS, ESC, we saw how to write an ERASMUS+ project and how to apply in different projects for entrepreneurship. We created a magazine for our trip and youth exchange, during making that magazine we learnt about professional photography, how to use Canva application etc.

The mornings were so energizing, with a lot of dance-moves. The working spaces were in different places: during the morning we were in the conference room and the afternoon activities were held by the beach. Our Macedonian team held a workshop and applied games for stating the differences between non-formal, informal and formal education.

Besides working and learning, we also had a lot of fun by the beach, because what do we need in the summer? Sea and sand and a lot of happiness.

 Martin Trajkovski

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