Welcome Jellica – Our new volunteer from Belgium!

My first volunteer work in another country!

Hey, My name is Jellica, I’m from Belgium, I am 19 years old and I will celebrate my birthday in Macedonia. PS: with chocolate you can always please me.

I am a very chaotic person, but fortunately chaotic people are often linked to their creativity. I’m a student being trained as an intercultural employee. What does that mean intercultural employee? I’m currently enrolled in an internship position which offers intensive workshops (work groups) to people who speak a foreign language, these workshops mainly focus on tandem-lessons. I also teach kids various sports after my college hours. Also I am enrolled in giving adults group lessons for walking at my internship “Buurtsport Mechelen”. These activities have helped me become an excellent mentor and organizer.

In my leisure time I like to do gymnastics and also give children lessons in this discipline. I have been looking forward for a volunteering position which extends these studies, skills and life experiences, so I see this job as an opportunity and an addition to the skills that I’ve already acquired and to help children and adults alike to have a brighter today and tomorrow. Being able to help people like this also makes my own days more beautiful. I hope to be a valuable asset and collaborator for this wonderful organization.

Greetings, Jellica.

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