The Red Door

“Till you have a story to tell it means that you are alive”


Once upon a time there was a girl living in the country of the Sun with her family. Growing up at on her 6th year she realized that in the Earth there is one spot, one place named Scotland. Something catches her attention on this spot and she started researching about this country. Men are wearing skirts in this place! Wow, oh my God! This was quite surprising for a six years old girl, that lives in quite conservative society, where men are wearing pants and women skirts. Nothing stops here, the research goes on and the desire for stepping in this country and experiencing the life here is becoming alive. By the time the desire goes on her way to be realized. One of the opportunities find out is to become a student in Scotland, sounds great, right? She applied in 3 universities in Scotland, got accepted and the next step was the scholarship. Huh… There was a small crash she did not get the scholarship. Okay, at first it was big obstacle but by the time it becomes a stone in the castle that she was building. Life goes on, it was not easy to face this obstacle, but the faith exists and keeps on living. Let it be like it should be. After 5 years, here it is. Here is the opportunity to visit this country of the dreams, Scotland! Yes! There is real chance to step in this land and feel the Scottish wind, rain, culture and the green space.


The day was 18th of June 2019 in the early morning hours the girl stepped on Scottish land… Warm sun was rising up and smooth wind was playing with her hair and kissing her cheek. Finally, after so long she is dancing with the Scottish air and beauties. Mornings are quiet, shining and smiling to you saying: Hello and welcome. You are starting walking and enjoying the sight… Edinburgh has plenty of green spaces, parks, Botanical Garden, the Castle… Oh my God; I am missing words to describe this environment. And the people are so kind, warm and open. I can say that I have been really lucky to meet Edinburgh in such great light. There are plenty of sources where you can read about this magical city. But in this case in this afforded place to me I would like to speak for one of the most specific things, which I noticed. The RED PORT. It is quite common in this city the entrance doors of the buildings, houses and apartments to be red. It is lovely and quite warmly. When you see these red doors you feel like they are inviting you to enter inside in the house. And this is the line where one completely different universe starts.


Behind the door, exactly on the street is falling down all tiredness, sadness, problems, life challenges, ego and everything else. The red port is closing and in this home the universe full of warm huge hug is welcoming you. The life starts with small cute kiss saying “hi” and giving you unconditional love. You are taking a seat and falling in the endless moment of rest and leaving yourself to be cuddle by the warmness of this universe. This is the magic of the Scottish houses. Seating beside the huge windows and watching the life outside this universe you are drinking your tea and just saying to yourself: Finally I am free, in the hug of the purest, calmed and full with love universe.

This is the most specific thing for this city, the HUG that protects you, is giving a peace and unconditional love. And for the rest of your life you are begging the time to stop here.

Yeah, the faith is still here and strongly believes that one day the time will stop behind the RED PORT and this universe will become my home.

Vafire Muharemi

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