Radio socializing and media education in Denmark

Experienced and less experienced, activists, radio technicians, radio hosts, youth workers and youth eager for learning, on 28th of March arrived at Hostel Hallo in Denmark for a new and different trip-experience. But the road did not end there, but every morning around 9:30 аm continued to the European Community Media Center Aarhus where they were very welcomed with the broad smiles of the staff and, of course, the director of the organization – Rui Monteiro, a Portuguese with a huge experience that unselfishly shared with all of us.


Thus, in the period from 28th of March to 3th of April, twelve youth workers from Macedonia, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, and Finland took part of the training: “Media: Key Tool for Social Inclusion” held in the country of Vikings – Denmark. The training was part of the Erasmus+ project that aims to bring together youth workers with skills and methods to increase media literacy and critical thinking among young people and help them with the issue of social exclusion/inactivity in the society. The aim of the training was to increase the awareness of youth workers about the power of the media and the development of critical thinking among young people, to increase the skills of young people for identifying fake news and to increase the awareness of the young people about the analysis of media messages, to increase skills and knowledge of the young people about the ways in which the media can be used to address important social issues, increase the knowledge about youth social exclusion and how it can be prevented, increase tolerance in the society and to increase cooperation and knowledge of the youth about the Erasmus+ program. The objectives were met through various activities.

The training was attended by four participants from Macedonia: Nenad Cvijic, Maja Stevanovska, Ognen Ancevski and Laura Babaityte, who were representatives of Volunteers Center Skopje.


We started the “media” association with the activities for building the team, we continued with presenting the reality in our society regarding media literacy, we were trained for interviewing techniques, was presented to us the big studio of the TV, we were part of an active debate, we were in the roles of presenters, journalists, debaters, we created a radio program divided into teams and suddenly we found ourselves in the radio studio where we put the headphones… and we started… then the stagefright came, but we quickly adjusted to the studio, the equipment, the microphones, and recording started… – as “smooth”. We talked about it – on the way like whole our life was part of a radio show, we talked about our experiences, about the culture of our countries, about the trips … we looked at the technician and realized that the time provided for our show – it has already ended, and for us – we just started.

During the training, we learned, we made friends, we traveled and researched – everything together, but in the end, we got out full of knowledge and unforgettable experience.

The objectives of the training were fulfilled, and ours too. But the project does not stop here, nor our activities. The participants will be part of a “reunion” training in Thessaloniki, where they will be able to share their experiences and again through informal methods and techniques gain knowledge.

With the late plane from Copenhagen – through Vienna, we arrived home. We came back motivated, full of knowledge and a desire to share the lessons learned, but also a little tired. We logged in to Facebook and we shared the last pictures of the training in Aarhus and without knowing we already shared the knowledge with our friends.


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