Diary of an EVS volunteer

Ahh, Málaga the city that amazes its visitors with its food, weather, museums, nature and fiestas. Even if this is my second time here it never stops amazing me.

My name is Galina Grkovikj and this is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter of my life called EVS. By being an non-regular student I had the chance to work and develop my skills and interests in different job positions, I have also participated in different ERASMUS+ projects, but what did exactly made me do an EVS project and pack my suitcase and leave for 10 months to a foreign country? Well I would say I felt all grown up from my current duties, I had the need of having a new experience, developing new life skills and challenges in my life, and this thrilling feeling of something I’ve never tried before forced me to start my searching.

That is how I came across this project called “Let’s Gardening with the elders” which is located in Hogar de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles in Málaga, Spain. I was attracted by the idea of conducting those activities in which I can give my maximum, so as to help those who need it the most in this case the elderly people. This projects sponsors active ageing among the elders by doing various activities such as gardening with the elders, doing DIY crafts, cooking, sharing our cultures and much more.

Growing older is a normal part of life and ageing will affect us physically and mentally. It is important to keep practicing healthy habits that will help us to reduce stress and maintain a healthy mind and body. I have to admit this was the project for me because I enjoy doing all this activities with the elders, and the feeling that I am helping and contributing to their happiness, for me, is amazing. Our time is running out but what a wonderful place could this world be if everyone would spend time to make their personal contribution. Stay tuned for more posts about my EVS experience.

Galina Grkovikj

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