“Creative writing as a tool for community change”

Training course

“Creative writing as a tool for community change”

Struga, Macedonia
09.12.2019 – 17.12.2019


27 enthusiasts for creative writing from 9 different countries, namely, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, took part in the training course “Creative writing as a tool for community change” which was held in Struga, Macedonia in the period 09.12.2019-17.12.2019. During these days we got acquainted with the basics of creative writing and its numerous usages. The process and usage of creative writing, which we also applied practically, was explained through different activities and workshops.


We started each day with an energizer as an introduction to the following workshop. Afterwards, our day was filled with workshops concerning different aspects of creative writing. Larger part of the activities was devoted to group work, but we also had some individual activities, which we shared afterwards. At the end of the day we had group reflection and evaluation. We shared our thoughts and opinions about the programme and the day divided in several groups, and then our comments were followed through by a member of the group to the organizers of the project, in order to improve some things and reinforce the things we liked.

P1090568One day was devoted to field workshops, which were with the purpose of getting a very useful and valuable firsthand experience about the functioning of different nongovernmental organizations. Through various workshops we learned something more about stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination and how to fight them through our creative writing.

Each day, the time after dinner was devoted to the intercultural nights where we got acquainted with each others’ cultures. Every participant had prepared something in order to represent their culture in the best light possible and to bring us closer to their culture.

At the end of this project we got introduced in depth to the Erasmus+ programme and the volunteering activities and opportunities it offers. The ending of our training course was officialised with a semi-formal party where we were presented with our certificates for our attendance in this project, i.e. our Youthpasses.

P1090935This project enabled us to gain considerable experience and remarkable practical knowledge about the usage of creative writing as a tool for community change, overthrowing stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. As individuals and participants, we are exceptionally content and proud to have been a part of this project and to have contributed with our effort, time, will and energy into it.

Izabela Celevska
Elena Badaloska

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