“Neighborhood of Youth Centers in Europe”: Bremen

It is me writing again, and this time is about the summary of impressions on the second part of the Study Visit which took place in Bremen – Germany, implemented within the Neighborhood of Youth Centers in Europe project.


Firstly, I would like to say that it was a really great feeling to meet again with the people that were part of the Study Visit in Antwerp and at the same time to have the opportunity to meet the new participants that were representing different countries and their NGOs/Youth Centers.  In the meantime, I will highlight the fact that this Study Visit was as interesting as the first one, and although it was differently organized it was very fruitful and beneficial for all of us. During our time there, we had the chance to visit various Organizations and Youth Centers, getting to know more information regarding their community and everyday work, youth programming methods, the facilities which are on their disposal, the support and financial help that they are receiving from the local and national institutions and many more. Another interesting detail is that during our time there, we had this amazing opportunity to work with the group members on networking and developing ideas on possible future partnership projects. The sessions and the activities were perfectly moderated by the facilitators, which were very creative and helped us having some very useful discussions and exchanging ideas. All I can say is that to me as a youth worker and as the Coordinator of the “Youth and Community Center” in my hometown Gostivar, this was an invaluable experience that I will find very useful in my daily work.


Many thanks to our sending organization “Volunteers Center Skopje”, the hosts from “Natur Kultur EV” – Germany, the project coordinators and facilitators from “Art of the Box” – Belgium and all of the participants from the partner organizations.


We are already looking forward to seeing all the participants again on the third and final part of the project that will take place in Skopje in the near future.

Elton Jashari

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