The ultimate Portugal story

Airports… Those with mirroring glass,

As my reflection ghostly pass
Quickly through the moving stairs…
Ready to go, all the way,
In that sunny ocean state,
All over again
To celebrate my day!
CANDLES… Not numbers,
Set on my cake instead…
CANDLES make me happy
While burning flames
Create a dance on the walls.
New friendly faces – the same magic place
And the pair of her crystal eyes,
Lips of wine, hugs, endless smiles…
CANDLES – you handle with care
Or can burn out quickly apart.

But not my CANDLE,
It burns, SHE steady holds the flames
In my heart forever it stays.
And yet, just a day after
I know, some people might wonder
What happened, what’s next and after?
When you share the best
With people coming and going
Some questions are still to be answered
But not me, never liked Goodbyes,
Until next time, we keep up-to-date…
Who knows, we create our fate,
Here and after…
CANDLES… And her pair of crystal eyes.. !

Goran Galaboff

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