Self love & Respect

So, do you love yourself? If you do so, in what time is your wake-up alarm set? After your preferred activities do you do something extra, or you just scroll the life away from your cellphone. Do you really know who you are? Your good and bad vibes and good and bad sides? Are you accountable? Do you struggle in professional and personal life with time management? Well this article is for you.

karim-manjra-6iM5GOht664-unsplashOne can argue that people who are in love with themselves are selfish. The truth is: they never settle for less. You just need to accept that every type of freedom will take a toll on your mental health, you may lose some luggage moving from place to place until you find yourself calm. I can describe both of these “facts” and here they are:

fuu-j-r2nJPbEYuSQ-unsplash1. Success and peace of mind doesn’t come with a geographical location of where you are born.
2. The changes you need to make are within yourself.

I feel these two facts are both equally true and everything can be nothing and nothing can be everything. Respect first and foremost yourself and later on pass the light. These lessons are priceless to me now. Smile to people. Smile while going home or buying groceries, speak openly truth, then everything is going to come to you in the right time. You don’t need to know me to know my background (at least for now) just try these things:

luca-upper-Z-4kOr93RCI-unsplash1. Positive and focused mind
2. Set realistic goals
3. Trust in yourself and follow them.

I understand you all, struggling from paychek to paychek but maybe ask yourself, is it the right time for you to cook meals at home? So a change within yourself will be happened. You can try to cook something for someone you love or for yourself but now, you are an independent chief for your own self. This is a very big thing for each person, if he is trying to change his/her finances of dining out vs. dining at home. It’s easier said than done to cook to calculate but this is the right path of saving some income wherever you live. Think positively, open your heart to a stranger talk about your problems. Know yourself more. Do you speak a lot? Or maybe you are the guy/girl standing in the corner of a party?

stones-983992_1920Well this is for you. Try to be yourself. It’s never worth putting a mask for yourself not to be vulnerable. Being open and honest about you and yourself, will bring you changes. Try to wake up one hour earlier than the day before and drink tea by yourself and reflect on how can you become a better person than before. Make your bed look nice and sharp. Be a soldier, if I could do it so can you. It’s never too late to forgive ourselves for the past mistakes and make a better future for you NOW. As of is your pocket more important than your health you need to ask yourself are the extra working hours even a thing for me, what do I get from this job. Finally try to negotiate with your boss the best working times for you. And if you work what you love you will never be that much tired.

Teodor Petkovski

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER:1.Charlamangnetha god “Black privilege”
2. Anna Annakana “selfworth” 3.Anna Annakana “the one step to self love”

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