Peace and balance – bring it back!

It’s not so easy to find peace and balance, especially nowadays, during the time of pandemic. We’re surrounded by different information shared on social media, within TV, by our friends and family, which often influence on how we feel. There are more fear and anxiety felt by everyone in our society and it’s because we somehow lost control of our life. We don’t know what to expect from the future and no one does. If you want to find out how to keep life balance during this unstable time, keep reading.

Here we are, in the world of misinformation, where everyone tends to panic because of what they read and in the same time we hear from the others that we shouldn’t panic. And yes, we shouldn’t panic, but we have all rights to have feelings like anxiety, fear, frustration, anger or any others which are often described as negative. In fact, they coexist with all other feelings and they’re as important as any others.

And here, to keep inner peace and balance, it’s very important, to be honest with yourself and admit what kind of emotions you have because of the situation you’re facing. It’s always good to talk about your feelings or to find some safe space for sharing them. However, it’s not always possible to talk about how we feel and sometimes we’re stuck with people, who would rather not talk so deeply or who are not ready yet to admit what they truly feel. That’s also okay and you should respect that.


Yet, there is another way, to be honest with your feelings and somehow to feel relieved, which is writing. Take your time and write down all of your feelings. Try to name them. If it’s difficult to verbalize them, then use some sentences to describe how you feel. Then try to include the situations which made you feel like this. It’s good to be aware of the situation, which make you feel this way. You can realize if it’s the news you read constantly or if it’s some pictures of your friends, or staying in one room with your siblings or family – anything which might have influenced your current emotions. That’s how you can answer it – by naming them and understanding the source.

Don’t try to be Mr/Ms. Perfect if you don’t feel like that. It’s a new situation for everyone and like with all new situations, we need some time to adapt. That’s why some people may act differently or they feel lost. Keep that in mind.

And then, if you accepted what you feel and what other people around you might feel, take some deep breath and let’s try with some quick tips on how to keep peace and balance in your life, especially during quarantine time.

1. Don’t read the news all the time. If you really want to catch up with everything, then set yourself a specific time each day and check all information from one day. Avoid any uncertain sources of information – there were many of them before and there are even more now. Use the official site of your government to keep yourself updated about precautions. You can also use the WHO (World Health Organization) official site to follow with their news. Don’t spread unofficial information, which may cause other people to panic. It’s good to support each other.


2. Plan your day. We all have a lot of time at home now, but it doesn’t mean we should do nothing. To plan your day is to keep yourself active and make your thoughts busy with your daily activities, which in fact haven’t stopped. We still have our school’s appointments, courses and other activities we took before the time of quarantine. Start your day with a plan of what you want to do – plan all your appointments, homework, home fitness, free time for games or reading books. You can use it also for planning your meals. It can be the right time to improve yourself in the kitchen, trying new recipes and sharing with your relatives. Don’t overload yourself – don’t plan too much. We don’t need to be perfect with #homeoffice and #dailyroutine from the first moment. Be gentle to yourself and treat yourself with lots of love. It’s very important to remember that the plan is to make you feel more relaxed not more stressed.

3. Take some rest! People might think that because we stay at home, we shouldn’t be tired so easily. However, it’s not true. Working with our brain and being part of an unstable situation make us feel more tired. Our eyes also get more tired because of spending time in front of the computer screen. Take it easy. Go to sleep earlier or simply take a break during your day. Make yourself a cup of good tea or coffee and enjoy it. You can also use this time as self-care time, to be more gentle to your body and organism. Don’t allow yourself to think that you should be unhappy these days. It’s a difficult time, but still, you can enjoy your simple pleasures.


4. Do some practice and don’t forget about physical activity. Even if it’s only 15 minutes of squats in your room, it’s still good to keep you active and to evoke some positive hormones. You can also do some yoga or simply meditate. If you can go outside at least for 15 minutes, then go and take as much of this time you can. Try to breathe deeply and take a look at the green area.

5. If you miss your social life, call your friends. There are some people who prefer to be alone, but for many of us, being alone is very frustrating. Keep in touch with your relatives and friends, ask them how they feel. You can still be together, even though it might be a little bit more challenging. Write a letter to your old friend or meet online to do something together. You can play board games online or plan to do something together like reading the same book or watching the same movie.

6. Be by yourself and use this time for practicing what you truly love. If only you like to write from time to time, do some grateful diary and try to take some time for daily gratitude – for what you achieved, for what you have, for all relations you built in your life, for all of the new activities you came up with. It’s very important not to forget that we still have lots of things and areas in our lives to be grateful for.

As you can see, all of those tips can be used now, as a part of our routine, as a part of being good to ourselves and to other people who surround us. It’s about taking care of yourself and other people more, about finding peace in small things, and simply being grateful for that.

This time will be gone, soon. All of those practices and all of your actions taken now will stay with you. Start with some refreshments and with honesty and inner love.

Wiktoria Moritz


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