Safeguarding heritage, or how to create bridges between people

After the Second World War, the number of projects attempting to recreate links between countries through international heritage restoration sites increased. From this ideal, REMPART network was created in France in 1966, with a strong will to welcome volunteers from abroad on its restoration sites. Consisting of 180 local associations, the network organizes voluntary workcamps in more than 300 heritage restoration sites all over France and welcomes thousands of volunteers each year.

Just as VOICES does, REMPART promotes volunteerism, non-formal education, and active citizenship. This is why we are more than happy to introduce you to our organization, so we could have the chance to meet you one day, on one of our heritage sites!

A network of associations opened to the world

2018.08_CézonFor over 50 years, REMPART has federated associations acting for heritage preservation. The network gathers heritage preservation associations to coordinate and promote the voluntary workcamps that they set up. One of our tasks is to keep a close check on the quality of the projects and actions carried out by each of our members, which means monitoring the quality of the restoration activities and how volunteers are welcomed. (2 weeks / no previous knowledge…)

For the last 15 years, REMPART’s policy has been to promote and develop international partnerships in answer to our partners’ requests, but also to further the aims which REMPART holds dear.

A vision of heritage without borders

MortierUnion REMPART member associations work on a wide variety of cultural heritage sites that reflects the common history of Europeans from Antiquity to the 20th century (chapels, priories, castles, villages, mills…) Each site is part of a local development program, meaning that it will not only be preserved or restored, but it will also be given a new purpose and reused by the local community. Also, these historical sites allow you to learn more about through various sites ranging.

REMPART’s action not only aims to preserve tangible heritage but also to promote and preserve traditional savoir-faire (know-how). This experience with heritage preservation is unique and has been used to guide initiatives undertaken over the last decades in Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Palestine, with REMPART’s active support.

A Network of Associations serving the citizens of the world

repasln our view, it would not make sense to preserve heritage without involving the public in a community-based project. Because they are locally established, REMPART member associations are all part of a cooperative action and can be considered as the outcome of the lite of the local community in which they are located. Every summer, the REMPART associations welcome thousands of young volunteers from all over France and abroad (Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada…) to restore these locally-based heritage sites. Over 50 years more than 20.000 international volunteers have worked with REMPART’s for the common good, learning together how to be active citizens of the world.

The REMPART volunteer workcamps are open to anyone who wishes to engage in a voluntary approach while spending pleasant holidays in highly historical places and high-quality projects.  For REMPART, an international and intercultural dynamic means first and foremost to meet people and share experiences. REMPART respects cultures and people. This international dynamic promotes exchange among individuals from various horizons and backgrounds for mutual enrichment; this is the very idea of non-formal education.

DSC_0203If you want to join us for a heritage restoration workcamp, take a look at our webpage or to our social media accounts (@REMPART Heritage Volunteers). If you are part of a restoration project and would like to welcome French volunteers or simply to exchange with us, do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Marion Cloarec

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