A few tips when you think of portrait photography

One item on my to-do list is to create a travel journal. One day recently, I came across an art magazine specialized in this topic. I purchased it, and I happily discovered inside there is a whole section dedicated to my favorite hobby applied to travel logbook: photography. I will briefly share with you a few tips I learned thanks to this publication.

DSC_3070One kind of activity I appreciate very much is the portrait. This is why I customized my camera with a vertical handle or grip. Deciding to shoot with a wide perspective allows you to get your subject in a full-length portrait that provides you with an interesting alternative result. Specifically, when a person is doing an activity, this solution brings an extra level of information. For instance, you will gain more depth in terms of insight into his or her clothing, centers of interest, jobs, living environment, etc.

There are two categories of standing portrait: either posed or spontaneous. The first option means a cooperative approach. One challenge is to act in such a way that your topic does not appear as being frozen. Make her or him feel comfortable and forget for a moment your presence. The wording of the spontaneous alternative speaks for itself. If you succeed in crystallizing what characterizes your subject, then high five.

DSC_7938In photography, rules have been established to be bent as long as you keep the initiative. You can see yourself as a film director who is trying various possibilities of angles, light, and focuses. On the one hand, there is your inspiration, on the other hand, you have to deal with your environment, your topic, perspectives, and the circumstances.

Both categories require the same curiosity toward the other, the same humanity. It is important to have beforehand an idea of what you are looking for and the meaning you hope for your upcoming picture. But most important, remember to have fun!

Jules Striffler 

Pratiques des arts (hors-série n°51 carnet de voyage), Gauduchon David, « La photographie au service du carnettiste. », pp.108-109, Octobre 2019, Diverti Éditions

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