The green city shall sprout again

”The Light Inside Us” Andrej Pavlov | Macedonia (Photo: Andrej Pavlov)

Skopje Light Art District was arranged again for the third time on 19 – 22 of August in Skopje, Macedonia. An event which is uniting art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light.

“The green city shall sprout again” SKLAD Creative team | Macedonia

This year the cultural events have been on a break because of the situation with the pandemic, so an event full of light and hope was very welcomed. For four days people in Skopje got to enjoy various art pieces sprinkled around the park area, starting from the Stone bridge to the old side of the park. The event presented a total of 18 art pieces from multiple artists, themes that are connected from history to a greener, more sustainable future.

”Magic Garden” Visualia Group | Croatia

“Follow the green path” was an idea of the organizers to lead people from one installation to another, with the help of interactive maps and stickers on sidewalks. In many points, we could hear “Gradot ubav” (“the beautiful city”), which is a song composed by Aleksandar Djambazov after the big earthquake which hit Skopje in the year 1963. The message in the song is to give hope that the city will grow beautiful and joyful again from its ashes.

Kirsi Suomi


“Lux naturae” Loom prod | France
“Underworld” Aleksandra Stratimirovic | Serbia/Sweden, Leonel Caplan | Argentina
“The great pacific garbage patch” Martin Dimitrijev and Sklad Team | Macedonia

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