A kingdom united in its fascinating beauty

The diversity which can be observed throughout the United Kingdom is in my opinion truly breath-cutting. From the splendid scenery surrounding the prestigious University of St Andrews to the eclectic neighborhood of Camden lock in London on the one hand and Clifton Suspension Bridge on the other hand near Bristol and Wales, there are plenty of opportunities to be amazed daily and regularly renew your to-do list.

I firmly encourage you to take a step back and see beyond the harsh weather and unleash the insane potential of these islands. Having in mind how tough British weather may be from time to time, it might be better to actually take a couple of steps back to be on the safe side. Once this is done, you will experience a whole world of wonders. Thanks to the attractive reportage “Français du bout du monde” (French nationals of the World’s ends) proposed by the TV channel France 2, you can get a glimpse into a new spot. At the crossroad of the Atlantic ocean and the North sea, you will find the beautiful Shetland islands located in Northern Scotland. Why not go there and take a swim with a seal?

Forget Londonian Heathrow and Gatwick airports, instead, have you heard of Barra airfield? This is “a short-runway airport situated in the wide shallow bay of Traigh Mhòr at the northern tip of the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, also in wild Scotland. This airport is unique, being the only one in the world where scheduled flights use a tidal beach as the runway.” There might be no V.I.P. room, but you will for real be astonished by the amazing scenery! By the way, as say the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this is not 100% accurate. Indeed, in addition to what is said in another TV reportage cited below, there is a similar landing ground located in the wild Fraser Islands, in the Australian state of Queensland. Once you have arrived, you can board a boat and go and adrift with playful dolphins.

Also, I definitely invite you to board a train in magnificent Edinburgh heading to Mallaig, where you can go to the beautiful and hopefully not rainy Isle of Skye. On the way, you will pass by Glenfinnan and some of the settings you can see in the Harry Potter movies. With a bit of luck and your fingers crossed, you will not come across YouKnow-Who. Should you be a very loyal Harry Potter aficionado, it’s up to you to leave behind the regular service and jump into an old-school steam train using the same locomotive you can see in the movies. So, ready, steady, go!

Jules Striffler


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