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First of all, thank you for stopping by.

I know you are still very young and lost in life. You are facing extreme insecurities, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, dilemmas, triggers, things that are not in your control. It’s alright, I understand. I get it. You are wondering if your suffering will ever come to an end, wondering if you are all alone in this. You are comparing over and over again and asking yourself ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Let me tell you a few words.

Everything is okay with you, darling, but growing is a painful process. Really painful.

Be still, slow down and take it easy. You have your whole life ahead of you. Life is not a race and it is not something that should be compared. Do not dim the light within you comparing yourself to people whom you know so little about. I know life can be extremely unfair at times, things do not always go as planned. Some days are so thorny and you are too vulnerable to be able to carry all the burden on you.

So, remember – do not rush!

Slow down, get out of your own mind and just for a moment, put aside all the problems that are bothering you. Try to evoke old memories that were so pure and magical, that your heart aches just thinking of them. Try to think of the moments when you felt so comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, that you knew you could conquer the world. You still can, only if you believe in yourself.

Regardless of how you feel in your own body or what you think of yourself, your physical appearance is not what will be remembered in 10 years from now. I am sorry to break it for you, but try to be less obsessed with it. What people will remember about you is how you touched their souls and left mark on their hearts. The captivating energy you had. The way you treated people and stray animals, your connection to the divine nature and your need to help the world become a better place than it is now.

Unfortunately, we live in a world wrapped in morally wrong values and beliefs. A world where justice, in its organic form and meaning, rarely exists.

Do not let yourself blend in the mass of people who cherish these values and beliefs. Do not be an ordinary person. Do not settle for everything and everyone, fight for what your soul is asking for, do not be afraid to be loud. Instead, be brave enough to stand up for the things and people that are of any importance to you. Let the world truly feel the depth of your voice. Read books, meet new people, break taboos and do not try to fit the societal idea of how the life of a young person should look like. It’s an illusion!

Expose yourself to uncomfortable and awkward situations and overcome your fears that are holding you back. Do not worry too much about what others think of you. People will always have either positive or negative opinion of everything, including you. It’s none of your business what they think of you, as long as you are not hurting them. Surround yourself with open minded people who love you and support you unconditionally. People with whom you do not have to feel like you are walking on eggshells.

You have only one life. Learn to be grateful for the small things and find the peace in the chaos, even when you think there is nothing to live or be grateful for. In fact, the chaos is exactly what is going to clear your path. We, as people, often close off and avoid facing difficult times, along with the whole emotional baggage that comes with them. Instead, we prefer magically going back to normal, because we are afraid of the unknown. But what blooms all seasons? Chaos itself can be a beautiful thing, only if you allow it to show its true colors. It will not last forever, but while it does last, you will have to let it consume and break you, completely. Yes, you will have to be the one who picks and puts your own pieces back together, but every time it will get easier and easier. If you can’t pick yourself up right away, then cry and wash away all the pain. Take time to heal and keep moving forward.

Keep working on yourself and be dedicated to yourself to the maximum.

Give the time some time and allow it to show you that everything falls into place at the right time.

The universe has your back!

Aleksandra Dimoska
Photographer: Aleksandra Dimoska

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