VOICES February 2021

A new beginning

All good things must come to an end. My one-year European Solidarity Corps mission within the Youth NGO Volunteers Centre Skopje is almost over. It has been a particular year in an exceptional organization in a unique context. Living in downtown Skopje and being a VCS team member has been very inspiring. But after all, the end of something is also the beginning of what comes next… Don’t you think? New dawn can take various forms. On the one hand, you could for instance dedicate time to find innovative ways for your personal development. What about Arts? On the other hand, you could also think of a possible new direction on your professional path. Let us see beyond the current tough context, what about relocating abroad?

In the frame of this beautiful experience, Voices magazine has been the breadcrumb trail of my time in VCS, our flagship. So, it is our utmost pleasure to provide you with the February edition. May this edition take you far away and get you both happier and more knowledgeable!

Post-scriptum: I see on my to-do list that I have to briefly mention Valentine’s day. So, let’s do a short poll together. Would you primarily define it as being kitsch, a commercial operation, or both?

Jules Striffler

VOICES February 2021 PDF

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