Volunteers Centre Skopje is celebrating 15 years!

15 years ago a guy went to Lithuania…
… and Volunteers Centre Skopje was born.

After a one-year European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in Lithuania, a 19-year-old Nikola Stankoski returned to Macedonia full of dreams and hopes for the future of youth. And he didn’t return empty-handed. He carried a little seed with the idea of providing local and international experiences while living by the principle of learning by doing that little seed had ‘VCS’ written on it. And that’s how we, a non-governmental youth organization, were born.
In the first year, we hosted 10 volunteers and sent 30 Macedonian volunteers abroad. Today, we are one of the leading NGOs in Macedonia when it comes to youth exchange, volunteerism, activism, a recognizable brand and a trusted partner through which over 10,000 Macedonian and foreign volunteers and youth activists have passed.

“Since I came to VCS, I started to call it VCS family – there’s this magical atmosphere that makes everyone feel like home. Group of people from so many different backgrounds, working together with such an enthusiasm.” -Selina, Finland

“Doing an EVS at VCS has taught me a lot about myself, other people, the world and Ajvar with white cheese. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Stay awesome VCS.” -Mathis, Germany

“Some say ‘the more you enjoy, the quicker time passes’. Well, I experienced an oddity: a time that I fully enjoyed and that enriched me a lot, felt like a small eternity. Thanks to VCS family for the longest 9 months of my life.” -Sascha, Germany

“When it comes to empowering Youth both locally and beyond borders, VCS is a spearhead! The motto of VCS could be: “In interculturality we trust”! A lot of expertise and a nice atmosphere, what else do we need?” -Jules, France

“Volunteering gave me the opportunity to open my mind and myself. VCS is the perfect place to develop any skills you want by working on a large panel of projects. Happy birthday VCS!” -Camille, France

“VCS lets volunteers be the voice of the people put into action.” -Lucile, France

VCS family

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