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The countless possible ways events can turn out in terms of scenarios, shifts and outcomes are wonderfully fascinating. I remember when I was at school, the probability chapter was my favorite one in my mathematic books.

I find it actually quite inspiring to try understanding the diverse ins and out which could explain why you or someone else end up making a choice instead of another one. Also, this is pretty interesting that sometimes you might eventually gain a better understanding of some past situations over time.

By the way, another point for thinking lies in the following question: how would you assess the relevance of singling out in one set of decisions the impact of your background and education on the one hand and the consequence resulting from your own personality, beyond the environment in which you have been born and raised on the other hand?

When you look back at your life path, it is quite interesting to look behind you and try to look for one or several guiding threads, some explanations encompassing most of what you have been through in terms of decisions so far.

That being said, I do think it makes much sense to balance such a way of looking at things. Some facts taking place around you or some choices you made precisely have no justification, no backstages as they might be considered as being spontaneous.

Independently of your personal and tailor-made way of understanding our world, I firmly support the idea that it is of the utmost importance to keep in mind there are countless options to try to understand our lives and the directions we want to go for the times to come. Looking for in-depth diversity in this area also enables you to gladly gain in polyvalence and adaptability. Tackling these questions and as a conclusion to this brief opinion, I definitely encourage you to watch the movie The Tree of Life, a true masterpiece in my opinion. Blaze your own path, and may you be happy!

Jules Striffler

Text and subway & clock pictures taken in Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo by Fernando Paredes Murillo on Unsplash

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