On the weekends, we’re always free from volunteering work by VCS, so we decided to go on a bit of adventure. Our good friend Chris, who also works at VCS, recommended the aqueduct and agreed to accompany us because he never went there either.

We began our trip by getting some food and drinks from a local grocery store close to our apartment. And then we went on our way to the aqueduct. It was a long, draining walk. It was pretty tough because it was a scorcher, and Michelle quickly regretted wearing long jeans. Also, the roads didn’t always provide pavements, so there were times when we had to walk on the street next to fast-going cars passing us by. So it was pretty dangerous from time to time.

We passed some embassies like the American one, but sadly we weren’t allowed to take pictures of it. We also found a shortcut, but we weren’t allowed to use it because it was the private property of the military, so we were forced to take the long route around the hill. But in the end, we finally arrived at the aqueduct, and believe us; it was worth it.

The scenery was magnificent. You could see how much history there is in this beautiful country.

The first thing we did when we arrived there was to obviously take some pictures. After that, we went on top of the aqueduct. It’s a bit narrow, but it’s walkable, so we were able to walk from one side to the other.

Michelle had the wonderful idea to climb down the aqueduct, but we were able to talk her out of it. But then she decided to climb upwards from the ground into a narrow hole in the aqueduct, where we also took some pictures of us.

After visiting this stunning place, we followed the river until we were back at a road nearby a village where we saw a big sign of the KFC, and obviously, we were famished after the long walk, so we decided to eat there. After that, we started to walk back home. But this time, we used a different route. This route was much safer for pedestrians, so we recommend this route if you decide to visit the aqueduct.

When we finally got home, we were all pretty tired. We were wondering how much we walked, so we looked it up. The distance surprised us because apparently, it was about 17 kilometers that we walked that day. But it was more than worth it. We hope this inspires locals here and tourists to visit it as well because once again, it is really worth it.

Michelle Sapion

Karl Jans

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