November is the month of gratitude, and though it is rough this year, it is a reminder that we must reflect, be mindful and grateful for what we have already achieved, while setting goals and aiming higher and higher. And so did Tomasz Sobania, a 23-year-old guy, who ran the equivalent of a marathon every day from Poland to Italy.

It is also the month of remembrance where we take time to remember Krystyna Skarbek, a Polish-born spy during the Second World War, and get nostalgic while discovering Yugoslavia-made cars in Skopje. Not to forget Macedonian stray dogs taken care by Daisy Family Rescue.

Lots of events took place over the course of the last month. Some of our volunteers had the chance to attend a football match: Macedonia vs. Germany. Guess who won? Meanwhile, a group of 25 European youngsters travelled to Struga for a life-changing experience and discussed ways to tackle intolerance and discrimination.

Prepare yourself a cup of warm tea and get ready for reading your favorite monthly magazine!

Lucile Guéguen

VOICES November 2021 PDF

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