Every dog deserves a good life

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” – American Actor Joaquin Phoenix

“Throughout the times, dogs have been people’s best friends. Humans and dogs have lived together for 15,000 years. Dogs are loyal family members and play an important role in working life, where they can act as guide dogs or drug dogs. In addition, dogs save several lives each year. Researches show that dogs have a positive effect on human health. But what has happened that the dogs have drifted into the streets? Why do they no longer live in our home as family members but on the streets alone?”

It’s a regular workday when one of Daisy’s volunteers notices a dog lying at a bus stop at a window. The worker has a lot of meetings that day, so he doesn’t hesitate to see if the dog is all right. The dog did not move, and he remained in the same position for 4 hours. Many people walked past, some got off the bus, some got on the bus, but no one went to see if everything was okay with the dog.

When all the meetings were over, the worker took the water and food with her and rushed to check on the dog, hoping everything was fine with him. Upon arrival, the dog did not want water or food, and when the worker finally got the dog moved, she noticed that he had an open bloody wound under his stomach, and some of his bodies were exposed outside. Of course, he was immediately taken to the vet, where he stayed until he fully recovered. All the people ignored him that day, but now he has been happily adopted in Germany, and he is living the best of his life.

A Daisy Family Rescue volunteer told the previous story. “I started volunteering at Daisy’s over a year ago. Before I was welcomed into the team, I had a chance to meet some of the founders and hear more about their work, what they do and how they manage to help the stray dogs in Macedonia,” says a Daisy volunteer. Daisy Family Rescue is a non-profit organization that has existed since the end of 2016 (unofficially), officially registered in Macedonia in 2019. Daisy Family Rescue is helping street dogs in Macedonia. The story originated from a dog named Daisy, who was the first rescued dog. The organization also operates in Germany, where it is registered as a non-profit “Tierschutzverein.” The organization rescues dogs from Macedonia to Germany, where dogs are adopted. There are currently 201 adopted dogs.

It is estimated that only in Skopje, the number of stray dogs is up to 7000, so on the whole territory, this number is even higher, but there are no official results on this subject. There is not enough knowledge in Macedonia to help street dogs, and the animals on the street are a real problem here. Also, the government is not doing enough for the street dog problem. There are a few organizations in Macedonia that help dogs, but the problem is significant. The core issue is that many of the stray animals are not spayed/neutered. Another problem is that many owners allow the dogs to wander outside (without properly walking them on a leash). These dogs then breed with strays that are not spayed/neutered. Such irresponsible actions from the owners increase the population of stray dogs even further. Many dog owners have female dogs that are not spayed, and they decide to mate their dogs, but after the birth of the puppies, they see that either they cannot take care of them or find new homes for them, so they decide to throw them on the streets.

So what do volunteers do in Daisy Family Rescue? Now Daisy has nine volunteers in Macedonia and Germany. In Macedonia, volunteers take the dogs to the vet and ensure that the required tests are done. Volunteers also visit the dogs in the kennels and make sure everything is okay. They also go outside with the dog to have some walk with them. Volunteers can also prepare the dogs for their trip and ensure that all the documentation is ready to travel safely. In Germany, volunteers welcome the dogs that arrive and introduce them to their new adopters/fosters. Volunteers also do home checks and are in constant communication with the adopters/fosters to make sure all is okay during the adjustment period of the dogs.

How can an ordinary person help? “Anyone can help a stray animal if they are willing to help,” says a volunteer from Daisy.

  • Feeding dogs, making shelters for them during the winter, or giving them medicine if necessary.
  • Never leave a hurt animal behind, not wait on organizations to help because every minute matters, always to find a way to take the animal to the vet so that it gets the necessary medical care.
  • By donating to Daisy Monthly support: www.patreon.com/join/daisyfamilyrescue, Macedonian account for donations: 270-0733927501-14, ДЕЈЗИФЕМИЛИ, Скопје, HALKBANK, PayPal: daisyfamilyrescue@gmail.com).
  • By volunteering.
  • By talking and writing about street dogs.
  • By following Daisy on social media.

Niina Koivula


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