Beauty is inside of everyone

If the mirror would show what is inside of you, would you still be beautiful? 

In times of social media, people start focusing on their appearance.

Buy the makeup that will cover the circumorbital rings, put a filter on every picture and wear the most expensive and stylish clothes.

The same things you do and buy to make yourself more beautiful are what you do and buy to cover the lies you got told. That you are not pretty enough without it and not worth enough. 

But what is real beauty?

According to Google dictionary, the definition of beauty is “the quality that someone or something is beautiful” and “a woman that is beautiful.” 

It is clear to see that Beauty is described with its corresponding adjective “beautiful.”

There is no guidance, no limitation, and no other adjective that will give some ideas or hints about real beauty. 

It’s one of those rare things where no definition can be found or made about. 

It is important what is inside of you, and that’s something you can’t see when you look into a mirror.

You shine differently when the smile is not only on your lips but also in your soul. 

Those moments where you have this pleasant anticipation, the way you look at someone you love with this deep sparkle in your eyes, the moment you watch the sunset and dream about your future, the way the tears fall of your eyes when you are hurt and broken. The way you dance and sing while no one is watching you. When you can be completely yourself without thinking about how your appearance takes effect on other people. Your heart will always tell the truth, while outward beauty will change and fade away.

Beauty is inside of everyone. It’s anchored inside the heart. 

Antonia Barth

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