Eurovision Junior 2021 makes history!


For the second time, the contest was won by Armenia. According to many Eurovision Contest commentators, this edition was one of the strongest ever. Many countries climbed to the heights of musical ability and sent representatives who represented their countries with dignity. This edition was also special because, after a year’s break, everyone could once again meet in one place to compete and enjoy the great atmosphere created by fans from all over the world. A year ago, due to restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic, the participants did not go to Poland, which was the festival’s organizer, due to Viki Gabor winning. They recorded their performances in their countries and sent them to Poland. Also, the audience could only watch the event from in front of their TV sets. 

This year’s Junior Eurovision was the second contest with such a large number of participants. There were 19 young performers in La Seine Musicale in Paris.  Macedonia was represented by the group “Дајте музика” with a song titled “Green Forces“.  The group consists of Kristina Mukaetova, Anastasija Dzhabirski, Miha Gigow, and Filip Popowski. The group is known for a TV show with the same name as the band. It was the most-watched children’s show in 2020. Young Macedonians referred to the issue of environmental protection of the Earth in their song.  In the end, Macedonia got 10th place in the jury’s vote and 8th place in the viewers’ vote, which ultimately put them in 9th place.

As every year, the results of Eurovision Junior were decided equally by the professional jury and the viewers of the contest, who could vote for their favorites online. In each country, a five-member committee, consisting of three adults and two children, evaluated the proposals of all other countries, ranking them from best to weakest.

The final of the 19th Children’s Eurovision Song Contest was triumphed by a song entitled “QamiQami” performed by Malena from Armenia.  She got third place in the jury’s vote with 115 points and first place in the viewers’ vote with 109 points, which put her 6 points ahead of the second-place finisher, Sara James from Poland.  The podium was closed by the hosts from France, who collected 187 points.

This is the second gold for Armenians, the first silver for Poland, and bronze for France. In addition to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, and Germany recorded the best results ever, while Kazakhstan, Spain, Ireland, and the Netherlands, which has participated in all editions in history and until this year, had never finished in last place, recorded the worst. Below are the full results of the competition:

1. Armenia – Maléna – QamiQami – 224 points

2. Poland – Sara James – Somebody – 218 points

3. France – Enzo – Tic Tac – 187 points

4. Georgia – Nikoloz Kajaia – Let’s Count The Smiles – 163 points

5. Azerbaijan – Sona Azizowa – One Of Those Days – 151 points

6. Ukraine – OłenaUsenko – Ważil – 125 points

7. Russia – Tanja Mieżencewa – Mon Ami – 124 points

8. Kazakhstan – AlinurHazmin & BeknurŻunibekuły – Ертегіәлемі (Fairy World) – points

9. Macedonia – DajteMuzika – Green Forces – 114 points

10. Italy – Elisabetta Lizza – Specchio (Mirror On The Wall) – 107 points

11. Portugal – Simão Oliveira –  ORapaz – 101 points

12. Malta – Ike & Kaya – My Home – 97 points

13. Serbia – Jovana & Dunja – Children’s Eyes – 86 points

14. Albania – Anna Gjebrea – Stand ByYou – 84 points

15. Spain – Levi Díaz – Reír – 77 points

16. Bulgaria – Denislava & Martin – Voice Of Love – 77 points

17. Germany – Pauline – Imagine Us – 61 points

18. Irland – Maiú Levi Lawlor – Saor (Disappear) – 44 points

19. The Netherlands – Ayana – Mata SuguAō Ne – 43 points

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