The music industry has a name, and its Taylor Swift

More than 15 years of musical activity, but not only that: staying on top for several years. Despite many adversities, critics, and actions aimed at pushing her from the top, she continues to create, convincing more and more people to listen to her music. Why is Taylor Swift a phenomenon?

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At 14, she signed a contract with the first recording company. Barely two years later, she released her first album. Since then, she has been at least co-writer on all of her songs, which is impressive in the contemporary music industry. Taylor Swift is well known not only for writing her songs but also for the way she does it. 

For many years, Swift was associated with songs in which she described her experiences after the breakup. True, she has songs like this in her discography, but apart from them, there are many others that deal with entirely different matters. And when Swift writes about love, she does it in ways that make her stand out from the crowd, what she proved in “Folklore” and “Evermore.” Not everyone knows that she wrote the song “Ronan,” about a little boy who died of cancer, and all the proceeds from this song went to the treatment of sick children. As a co-creator of the song, she mentioned the deceased boy’s mother. She also wrote about her mother’s illness in “Soon You’ll Get Better” and about the death of her friend in “Forever Winter.” Such songs meant that a loyal group of fans stayed with her even in the most difficult moments of her career, which she had so many. 

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Being at the top involves an inherent struggle for privacy and rights. The high-profile case with Kanye West made her step back for a year. She came back with the album “Reputation” that to this day is called iconic. Instead of making huge drama in media, she stayed silent and put every feeling to this album. Later on, other problems started, this time with the rights to her music. Cheated by the label, she lost the rights to songs she created herself. So, her words are confirmed that if you want to enter the music industry, you need to find a good lawyer.

What distinguishes Taylor Swift is that she does not give up and can turn difficult situations to her advantage. That’s what she did with taking her music rights away. The law allows her to re-record albums, which she has already started doing. Thanks to this, her music will be hers, and she will be the one to decide what to do with it. New releases meant that it attracted even more people, breaking all possible music records. In addition to re-recording well-known songs, she took advantage of the possibility of including songs that were not published before. The reason, of course, was the influence of the recording label. However, Taylor Swift decides for herself what she wants to put on the album, so this is how the new songs came.

Not only the musical quality but the fight for her rights and skills also made the fans faithfully stick to their idol. Taylor has interacted with them many times in a variety of ways, be it via social media or in real life. She repeatedly invited fans to her homes so that they were the first to listen to her new albums or to support them financially when they were in a difficult situation. Swift knows what her fans want. For example, that’s why she has released a 10-minute version of the song “All Too Well,” considered to be closest to fans’ hearts. 

Many of her fans are aspiring young artists who can count on Swift’s support. She fought for adequate payments for musicians from streaming services, thanks to which a huge problem was noticed in the music industry. Nowadays, the issue still exists, but if it weren’t for Taylor, it would probably be much bigger than it is. Unfortunately, even if other artists can count on Swift, she cannot say the same. Betrayed by many, but maybe because of that, she has a loyal group of people close to her. 

The many reasons why her fan base is close to her and is constantly growing, unfortunately, do not make everything flow smoothly. There is more and more new information to push Swift from the top. However, Taylor’s approach, in which she focuses on music and keeps her private life to herself, means that nothing can stop her. Being herself in the business is not easy, but it helped Swift. 

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