10 (Un)known Sports

For some people, certain sports were too overrated and/or expensive, and they decided to create/practice some sports outside the box; others bring to live traditional sports of their own countries and want to share with the rest of the world.

Toe Wrestling

Country/Place of Origin: UK 

Small explanation: Very similar to arm wrestling, in this sport, players fight against each other with their feet. You have three rounds, the first with the right foot, the second with the left, and the third round again with the right foot if there is a tie after the two rounds have been done before. To win, you need to pin the opponent’s feet down in the “tedium.”


Country/Place of Origin: Finland 

Small explanation: As the name says, this sport consists of a man carrying her “wife” (it is not mandatory to be married) for 254m in the fast time possible along an obstacle course. The woman must weigh>49kg and be 17+ years old; the winner receives the equivalent of the wife’s weight in beer. You can participate in this sport as the fastest one, the most entertaining couple, the best costume, and the most robust carrier. 

Log Rolling/Birling

Country/Place of Origin: USA 

Small explanation: This sport was created by lumberjacks, consisting of logs in a river or any body of water, with two contestants that start to “walk” or roll the log as the opponent tries to keep up. The game’s goal is to try to stay on the log while causing the opponent to lose their balance and fall to the river.

Lawnmower Racing

Country/Place of Origin: UK 

Small explanation: The drivers compete in modified lawnmowers (like tuning but legal) without the blades for safety reasons. The creators of this sport wanted to participate in regular car racing, but it was too expensive; due to almost everyone having a Lawnmower in the UK, they decided to start racing with their lawnmowers to make “car races” for an affordable price.


Country/Place of Origin: Spain 

Small explanation: This sport is a mix of 4 sports (football, volley, gymnastic, and capoeira) played in an inflatable court with one trampoline on each side of the field. Players are allowed to play with any part of the body. In this sport, you make points with a volley touch (1 or 3) or a soccer touch (3 or 5). This mix of sports in one creates a massive show with excellent techniques in every match and a lot of overhead kicks

Chess Boxing

Country/Place of Origin: Germany 

Small explanation: Like the name says, are two sports in 1. You have six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing. To win, you need to make a checkmate or knock out your opponent. The players can also be disqualified for trying to stall time; if so, the winner is determined by boxing points. If the draw remains, the player in the black “corner” is the winner.


Country/Place of Origin: India 

Small explanation: Game played between two teams in opposite halves of a field/court. Each player, by turns, crosses the field to the other time’s side, repeating “kabaddi, kabaddi” (or other chants). You score tagging the many opponents as possible without being caught or taking a breath before returning to home territory. 

Hobby Horsing

Country/Place of Origin: Finland 

Small explanation: This sport is typically practiced by teenage girls; it’s like horse riding (with real dogs) but with a toy horse head in a stick. You have actual horse events, like dressage and show jumping. This sport is a massive rise across the Nordic countries and is starting to expand to Australia. Estimates that are + 10.000 hobbyhorse enthusiasts just in Finland.


Country/Place of Origin: Japan 

Small explanation: This game is traditionally played by the National Defense Academy cadets in the annual anniversary ceremony, where two teams of 150 elements play against each other a version of “Capture the Flag.” The teams are divided into two groups, 75 players attack and 75 players defend. To win this game, who needs to lower the pole of the opposite team 30º before the other team.

Jogo do Pau

Country/Place of Origin: Portugal 

Small explanation:  All so known as Lusitanian fencing, this traditional Portuguese sport, is played with a long wood stick against another opponent. This Portuguese martial art and self-defense technique nowadays is also practiced with synthetic material (the weapon) in a competitive way, to be more attractive for the young generations and the athletes, don’t get mad injuries. Wins the player with more hits in the opponent body (torso and head). 

José Rodrigues


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