Old Macedonian hits – a forgotten musical treasure 

“The music washes away the dust of the every day from the soul.”

— Bergold Averbach 


Music is all around us. It is a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds and a form of emotional expression. It has undergone many changes with the development of the world. That is why some types of music and musicians remain forgotten in the time they were created. A typical example of this in our area is the so-called Macedonian hits from the 60s and 70s. The perfect combination of folk and love motifs in these songs makes them unique.

Deleece Cook | Unsplash

They appeared around the 60s, and the generations that grew up with them can easily remember these songs, but this is not the case among young people. It is essential to mention this type of music in order not to lose its undoubted value. Among the most famous legendary artists who have created this wealth of music are Katica Gjakonovska, Dime Popovski, Daniela Pancetovic, Nina Spirova, Dragan Gjakonovski-Shpato, Slave Dimitrov, and many others. When you read the lyrics of these songs, you can feel the sincere emotion with which they were created. Listening to them awakens the spirit of love, the spirit of the city of Skopje, and the spirit of that past time.

Many of these artists stopped making music because they were disappointed with its negative development. In an interview, Dime Popovski says, “I stopped singing because I want to stay honest,” believing that there is no more music he would like to participate in. All of these musicians have far fewer creative privileges than musicians today, which makes their art pure and priceless. When you next want to hear something different, or when you are looking for new music, play “Mojot dom” – Dime Popovski, “Skopje sonuva” – Daniela Pancetovic, “Molci i ti” – Nina Spirova, and all other pearls of this Macedonian music.

Martina Danilovska

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