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The movie industry wasn’t the same after the Cannes Film Festival of ’94 when one of the best movies ever made was introduced to the public: Pulp Fiction by the best movie director of all times, Quentin Tarantino. Everyone in that premier knew that changes in the movie industry would start happening, and that movie wasn’t just one more movie in the middle of many others. 

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If we talk of Tarantino, we should go back a few years, when he launched his debut film “Reservoir Dogs,” a classic in the independent movie industry. At the time, graphic violence was at another level with the combination of music in the perfect way. But it was Pulp Fiction that changed the game of the movie industry. It helped break a lot of taboo topics shown on the big screen at the time. There are substantial graphic scenes that still shock people nowadays, like a man being raped, someone getting an overdose, or realistic dead scenes that don’t care about the critics’ opinions. That was very important in his career to define the style of movies he made and created. Still, the non-linear structure is another thing that is always present in his films. This has the viewer glued to the screen from the first minutes, if not seconds. The presence of chapters like a novel is another thing that is always present in his movies and helps us follow the history even though they happen in a non-linear timeline (Future – Past – Present).

Many people can say that they don’t like his movies for many reasons, but it isn’t impossible to deny that they are masterpieces. All of them are a classic and a must-watch before you die. You can say that he always steals from other movies. It’s true, as he has already stated – “I steal from every single movie ever made.  Great artists steal. They don’t do homages”. That’s why he doesn’t simply steal and put in the movies. He makes an art of that and puts a lot of reference to other films. Some are easy to get; others are very light that you almost need to be a movie buff to get all of them. In other words, he does the same thing that rappers do. They take samples of other music that already exists to create something new. Like in Django, where we can see that movie is quite similar and have some reference from spaghetti westerns. 

If you still think that Tarantino movies are only about blood and graphic violence, take a deep breath, sit on the couch, read this article one more time and see one of his movies one more time (Kill Bill Vol.1 & Kill Bill Vol.2 are only one movie split in two). 

Fun facts about Tarantino movies: 

  1. Do you know that some of his films are connected/ happen in the same timeline? One example of that is Uma Thurman (Mia) in Pulp Fiction, describing a TV show called Fox Force 5; then, later, fans realized that it was Kill Bill. 
  2. He “created” a cigar brand used in all his movies – Red Apple.
  3. In every movie, you can see him as one of the characters or ear on the voice-off.
  4. Some characters may have a connection (relatives) to others in the movie (can be just a name written on a grave, for example).

And to the end, in the best way, I will give you my Top3 of Tarantino movies that everyone needs to watch before they die:

  • Kill Bill 
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood  

José Rodrigues


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