VOICES September 2022

“September was a thirty-days long goodbye to summer, to the season that left everybody both happy and weary of the warm, humid weather and the exhausting but thrilling adventures.” 

– Lea Malot

Slowly but surely summer is coming to an end. While the warm summer days will be missed, I am looking forward to autumn. The days will be getting colder and finally, you will be able to sit at your window with a cup of tea and listen to the rain falling softly – while reading our new edition of VOICES of course!

In Germany September is also called “Engelsmonat” (the month of angels) and is a time of honoring our guardian angels. Here is a little reminder to be your own guardian angel and to take care of yourself. While Selfcare is often only associated with facemasks, bath bombs and beauty treatments it can also be so much more. Take time for yourself, go for a walk, paint, read or listen to a podcast, do whatever makes you content and happy.

Enjoy the last moments of summer and welcome autumn with open arms!

Angelina Berndt

VOICES September 2022 PDF

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