Volunteering at D-Festival

Life-work balance plays an important part in the overall volunteering experience. Though volunteering on a festival like D-Festival seems to peak in this category.  I can only recommend experiencing it first-hand as descriptions won’t do justice to the experiences and bonds we built during our time there. 

Volunteering is not always just in the office, cleaning the municipal park or helping the elderly. Volunteering always comes to us in different forms and opportunities, so this year our team of volunteers took the opportunity to volunteer at a music festival and together with Password Production participated in this year’s edition of D – Festival in Dojran. All the volunteers who participated in the festival were in charge of making it look great.  Starting from the decorations, to the boards with slogans that adorned the entire festival, they were all made by the skilled hands of the volunteers as well as food service, receiving of bracelets for entering the festival and accompanying artists behind the stage or their hosts. During working hours we had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful program prepared with various artists from all over the world, and to make friends with the other volunteers and guests of the festival. The Dojran lake located on the shore and the festival itself served us well for a short walk, drinking coffee or cooling off from the hot July days. Thanks to Password Production and the entire team that worked on the D-Fest, we had the opportunity in every part of the day, starting from 11 am to 3 am, to enjoy the wonderful music artists. We were divided into different shifts during the day, so we all had the same opportunity after or before work to enjoy a midday coffee by the lake or on the main stage listening to the artists in the evening. Despite the wonderful performances of all the artists and the working hours, we will mostly remember the moments shared with the attendees of the festival with whom we spent our free time, who came to us from all the cities of Macedonia and from other European countries.

All in all, we can say that the D – Festival was an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone. We can promise you, you will have a great time.

David Stoilkovski & VCS-Team

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