Zanadu – “Will you remain steadfast, in your war too easily defeated?”

Recently, more and more young people are artistically engaged. We see various exhibitions, films and of course music. One of the bands that complements the sound of youth is the band Zanadu. These are 4 young guys who are part of the new music wave in our area. I asked them a few questions about how they work.

What motivates you most to create music?

The desire to speak out loud, perhaps some subconscious drive to channel accumulated ideas, the fascination of the time frame in which he collects music, the beauty of having something of his own. Probably a combination of many circumstances and urges, still based on enjoyment and love, in music and in life.

How did the band come about?

The primary thing was the desire to play with people, to form something common and the desire to find out how it would sound. The first and current four under the name Zanadu were formed from classmates, acquaintances and friends.

What is behind the lyrics of your songs and what message do you want to send?

Each song carries a different message. The lyrics are a kind of demystifier of the more abstract format of music, what the melody says in word form. Many stories, events and novelties are a source, inspiration and example for something to be written, to be transmitted.

What is your experience with the audience so far?

Very nice people and very nice energy. Every gig is a new experience, acquaintance and desire for another one. We like it a lot. We can’t wait for the album to come out (which will be soon) so that the whole picture can be seen, and at the same time we can start promoting it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you have faced as a young musician in the music world?

Every step is a new challenge. Fulfilling the initial idea of ​​being part of a band requires time and energy, and secondarily space, equipment, etc. The challenge is the desire to be louder than the needs and responsibilities that exist.

Martina Danilovska

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