The impact of anonymity and art

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”


Each of us is often attracted to the unknown. Human curiosity and the desire to look into the mystery are indomitable traits. There is a subconscious urge to be carried away by uncertainty. Precisely that uncertainty as a condition fits perfectly in one of the most exciting ways of expression – art. The expression of feelings, creativity, and talent through different forms can completely immerse us. Art is the only form of existence without limitations. People who live with it have the power to influence and create without speech and yet say so much.

Many artists are known for creating anonymously. Hiding his identity behind their great works contributes to their authenticity and controversy. A perfect example of this is Banksy’s street art. His hallmarks of satire, dark humor, and political commentary color the streets of many cities around the world. The identity of this artist remains a mystery due to the danger of facing the law.

Banksy’s works represent a subculture in themselves, and all the uncertainty and revolt surrounding them has caused alternative perspectives and a revolution in the art world. It can be said that this artist, through drawing matrices and installations, made a revolutionary feat without even using his name. His pseudonym is remembered as a reflection of courage and the harsh reality in which we live. One of the most recognizable murals is “The Girl with the Balloon” (2002), which depicts a girl losing her balloon in the shape of a heart, which pays homage to youth and innocence. More about his life and work can be seen in his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” As an upcoming artist, I admire Banksy for his subtlety that sends such a strong message. It’s a testament to how simplicity in expression can make a difference.

Martina Danilovska

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