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It’s again the time of the year when there is one topic that nobody can’t avoid. Wherever you go, be it TikTok or your workplace there is a quite big chance to hear something about this brilliant Eurovision song contest. Basically, there are three different types of “Eurovision personalities”. The first one, where I’m including myself as well, starts to talk about ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) immediately after the new year and that conversation just continues from month to month until their favorite time of the year, which is obviously May, has become. The second personality is interested in Eurovision, but keeps it on a low level, just enjoying the TV show and maybe after that remembering one or two songs. The third one is not interested at all, May is just a month like the others. Whatever personality you are including yourself, this is for you. With these points, you will get the most out of Eurovision 2023!

Liverpool, the home of the Beatles and the industrial revolution. Since 1997 United Kindom hasn’t held any Eurovision Song Contest, but this year the UK will shine again and put their effort to make a marvelous contest. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s not possible that the winner of the last year (Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine) will hold the competition. That’s why the second one of last year’s competition and also a member of Big-5 (a group of countries with the biggest financial contributions) will get to honor the be the host of this year in Liverpool. 

There are several songs that deserve to be mentioned if we think about what makes this year’s ESC interesting. There is one artist which has already got a lot of support and admiration. Probably more than no one else. Loreen from Sweden, with her powerful and at the same time heartbreaking ballad with a lot of emotions called “Tattoo” is the pre-favorite of this year. The interesting part is that Loreen has already won the competition in 2012. If we think about history, only Johnny Logan from Irland has won the contest twice, so from this point of view, the probity of Loreen winning is not very high. Also lately basic pop hasn’t succeeded so well while unique, perhaps songs with their own language have grown in popularity. 

Many people have titled this year’s Eurovision legendary Finland-Sweden national match. Finland, which usually only succeeds with rock songs in English, decided to send something way different than normal, and we can already see, that the decision was more than good. Song called “Cha Cha Cha” with an energetic live performance and Finnish language has attracted a lot of interest all around Europe. This year, unlike normal, people in Finland can be excited if next year’s Eurovision will be held in Helsinki! 

Even though Sweden and Finland are the so-called “ultimate Eurovision countries” in advance, there are a lot of other countries that might surprise. I listed five countries that have potential regardless of whether they are high in odds statics or whether they are talked about a lot on social media. These countries are Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Moldova. Estonia has a singer with a great voice and a beautiful song but as a counterweight to this, Croatia will send something confusing that is sure to spark a conversation. Moldova, as always is the country that we can rely on for what becomes party songs. Own language, catchy melody and just the right amount of weirdness give a good starting point for success. France doesn’t disappoint either, La Zarra is admired with her elegant and dark-sounded voice. But if you just need a good mood, then Slovenia’s song is made for you! 

However annoying it is, politics is always part of the competition as well. After last year there was a lot of discussion about the winner which was Ukraine. Did it win because of the Russian invasion? Let’s see what is going to happen to Ukraine this year, at least in the odds it has been ranked very high. Another high-ranked is United Kindom, will the “curse of the host” fall on the country or will it succeed like last year? 

Whatever the probabilities or favorites are, I’m sure that in Eurovision, there is something for everyone. Gather around with your friends, cheer your favorite to victory and enjoy the greatest song contest of the year!

Katariina Weijo

Sources: – Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Liverpool Odds

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