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That happened as well!

After a couple of unsuccessful tries of the Macedonian volleyball team qualified for the European Championship. That happened as well! Despite the big skepticism and of course in a month dominated by the handball world championship in Germany and Denmark still the Macedonian volleyball players managed to qualify for the first for them big competition. […]

Through to the finals!

Two more games. Only two more games and Macedonia has a chance to play at the European Championship. After the success of Macedonian under 21 team, that took part in the European Championship in Poland in 2017 where unfortunately the team was not able to go through to the later stages, it appears a new […]

To the European Championship through the League of Nations

So this is the new competition that can take Macedonia to the European Championship and in nothing else but in football. UEFA’s League of Nations is biennial competition that will be held in the years when there is not a European championship or a World Cup and has the aim to give a chance to […]

To all of you #FootballPeople

From the 11th till the 25th of October 2018 the global movement of the FARE network, #FootballPeople was taking place all around the world. In these weeks the action is to challenge all forms of discrimination, promote sport values and make and celebrate the fact that football is a game for all, regardless of who […]


At the begging of the world cup, picks were doing well. Which team will win this 21 first soccer competition. The title holder, Germany? Brazil with Neymar? Or the unpredictable Spain ? And what about France with its young team, Argentine with Messi or Portugal, last winner of European Cup?  Or Belgium lead by Hazard, […]

World Football Championship 2018

In the period ahead, all eyes will be directed to the most important secondarything of the world, and that is the 21st World Football Championship, which will be held in Russia from June 14th to July 15th. This will be the first world championship held in Europe since the 2006 championship in Germany, and it […]


Fencing is a martial art in which two opponents fight with a cold weapon with which they try to “stab” the opponent. At the beginning, fencing was a combat system that later turned into a sport. It is believed that its roots originate in Spain as evidenced by significant books written by Spanish swordsmen. One […]

Winter Olympic Games: Pyеongchang 2018

The past month from 9th to 25th February, we witnessed the 23rd Winter Olympic Games hosted for the first time in the city of Pyeongchang in South Korea. A total of 2952 competitors from 92 national Olympic committees took part in 15 sport disciplines, in total of 102 matches. For the first time, competitors from […]


Judo is a martial art coming from the Far East and it originated from the numerous schools of jiu-jitsu that were transferred to Japan from China. The genesis of judo relates to the name of Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) who in 1882, together with the formation of the Kodokan Institute, formalized the appearance of judo. In […]

Football Fans

  Ruth Perez and her boyfriend Oscar Ortiz were eagerly waiting for a new European tour of their favorite football club – Real Sociedad. After a four-year break, the San Sebastian team returned to the European map and secured participation in the second-tier competition under the umbrella of UEFA Europa League. Given the high ratings […]

Kayak and canoe on wild waters

Kayak and canoeing on wild waters is a water sport in which competitors ride in specially designed boats for this purpose. The difference between the boats is that the canoe uses a paddle with one blade and there is also a canoe two-seater. Unlike kayaking and canoeing on calm waters, contests of so-called “wild waters” […]