Why to learn juggling?

If you can tie your shoes, you can juggle. No matter if you are 6 years old or 80.

Many people think juggling is good thing just if you would like to join to circus. But many researches show that this kind of activity can strength your brain..
According to words of Coach Bob, juggling take lot of time and patience as growing of a mustache. But don´t give up, because with practising you can do it.

Juggling is a great exercise with lot of other benefits. Are you curious which one?
Here you have:

It makes you smarter. It’s good to remind that every kind of activity is good for health condition. Unlike these activities encourages nerve fibre growth. This promotes overall brain fitness. Practising creates or builds the desired pathways in the brain.

Meditation. If is hard for you to sit like jogin and meditate, juggling is right exercise for you! We call it active meditation. Because meditation mean – do something active; focus on the present; be aware of your surroundings; be aware of yourself.

Improving coordination. In many activities including sport you need coordinate your movement. One you learn to coordinate, the other activities will be easier to do  for you.

Sharpen focus and concentration.  You can’t just throw all the balls up in the air and hope everything comes together! The intense focus required for juggling can filter into other areas of your life that require the same type of close attention.
Good news for smokers! If you want to quit, juggling is great exercise fro you. Whenever you feel you need cigarette, take balls and juggle.

Is great against a stress. It’s nice to learn something new, do something active and get away from what seems important in your life. This exercise is combination of physical activity, brain stimulation, joy of success, and visual stimulation. When you juggle is difficult to think about something else, you are absolutely absorbed by catching the balls, and throwing them. It is the quickest way to take your mind of something After 5 minutes of practising you will clear your mind and be able to tackle your job with more clarity and focus.

Is different kind of exercise. Even it doesn’t look like that, its true. During juggling you burn 280 calories per hour, much like walking. It involves problem solving, posture, hand and arm movement as well as balance, so if you learn this kind of activity, you can learn everything.

 You don´t need to travel for it. Literally say you can juggle from your bed 🙂

Is portable workout. You don’t need large place for that, also no need floor space. All you need is a positive, patient, perserverance and practise.
The easiest trick is cascade with three balls. For learning workout watch the tutorial video with Coach Bob on Learn How to Juggle 3 Balls by Coach Bob

By Tereza Lišková

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