A summer in Gothenburg

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Spring is already here and summer is just around the corner so sooner or later people will start planning their holidays.

However the sun and the rising temperatures just aren’t my cup of tea, so when I think of a vacation I don’t have in mind sandy beaches, cocktails or parties. If you prefer the nature, cool weather or chilling on the seaside with a good book and a cold beer, like I do, one of the places you should definitely check out is Sweden.

Sweden is an amazing country and if you ever decide to visit be sure not to miss on Gothenburg, the second-largest city in this country. Gothenburg is a place that has a lot to offer, from a good night-life to mind-blowing landscapes and untouched nature. I had the pleasure to spend a whole month in this wonderful city and although I tried to visit as much places as I could, I still couldn’t manage to see everything.

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For me personally, one of the most exciting parts of my vacation was visiting the amazing amusement park Liseberg. This amusement park has some of the best rollercoasters in Europe, like the Balder which has been voted the best wooden rollercoaster in the world twice. If you’re not afraid of a little adrenaline rush don’t miss out on Liseberg, because it will bring the inner child in you.  Another thing that really amazed me was the nature and the breathtaking landscapes, especially the sunsets. Just imagine sailing on the sea right before nightfall, and all you can see is the sky mixed with the sea in a burning red color and small islands with seals curiously watching you from the shore.


Gothenburg has a great night-life and is fun for young people, but only for the weekends. During the week people don’t go out that much, except on Wednesdays, which are considered as “mini-Saturdays”. There are a lot of restaurants with all kinds of food and a lot of bars with great music. During the day you can always visit one of the many parks in this city with the mini-zoos, or go for a run in the forests around the city. If it’s sunny outside and the temperature is up to 20˚C or more, Swedish people will visit the beaches, and relax by the sea. The water is very cold but that doesn’t stop them from swimming there, they say it’s healthier that way.

In conclusion as much as I was amazed by the city itself, I was amazed by the people and their way of life as well. The way they don’t pay attention to things that doesn’t matter, but instead focus on the things that does, and the way they handle with their everyday life. Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries with one of the most innovative population in the world. Definitely a place I would visit again!

gothenburg by nightTamara Jovanovska

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