Bob Marley Day


May, it’s a spring month, for some – the most beautiful time of the year, a month filled with smiling faces and happy people.

Skopje in May looks wonderful, so that’s why this is the perfect time of the year for hanging out in the city park. Every year around the middle of May there is an event dedicated to one of the most well-known names in music history- Bob Marley. In his honor the whole city park is filled withall kinds of positive people, from kids to elders.


Starting from 2003, this event attracts thousands of people every year, from Skopje and other cities, and with each year it’s growing more and more. Everybody is using the opportunity to get a cold beer on a spring day with friends, to listen to some good music and just to get away fromeveryday life. Of course, in Bob Marley’s honor reggae music is played during the whole event, and the DJ’s or the bands play some of his most famous songs along with other reggae music, while the people playfully dance in front of the improvised stage. The event is held on Shkolka, which is the place that every person that lives in Skopje or ever visited the city park, knows where to find.


This event includes a lot of DJ’s and bands. Some of them are popular reggae artist like Conquering Lion, Geto Rudy,DJ Charleyetc. However there are also many young unknown artists that use this event to promote their music for the reggae lovers. Every musician sharesBob Marley’s message to the world “One love, one life” in their own way throughout music.


This year for the 14th time Bob Marley’s day will take place in the city park and if the weather is on our side, the event is planned to be on May 14th, the same location- Shkolka and of course around the whole park. The event will be held from 12 in the afternoon till 1 am. The only thing you have to do is to find some spare time and to bring your smile and your positive energy along with your friends, pets or family in the park and just let yourself enjoy the magic of reggae music and let this day take you to an unforgettable experience.




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