SQUEEZE ME – the art of healthy eating!

Art, for me, is the process of trying to wake up the soul. Because we live in an industrialized, fast-paced world that prefers that the soul remains asleep.” – Bill Viola

Nowadays we are living such fast-paced lives that often it can be hard for us to just pause everything and focus on the important things in life. And what is more important than our own health and well-being?

To be honest, living in Skopje and eating healthy do not go well hand in hand unless you have a personal chef cooking for you at home. (Your mom doesn’t count ;)) And it is even harder if you are vegan or vegetarian. But, if you are feeling little adventurous and you want to experience something different, Squeeze Me is the perfect place for you.


Little hint- before going there, keep an open mind because it’s nothing like we, Macedonians are used to.

There you can find something for anyone’s taste. Starting from variety of fruit and vegetable juices to super food smoothies with almond and coconut milk and if you want it Flirty and Dirty, nobody will judge, it’s just a smoothie. When it comes to salads and sandwiches, you’re in for a treat of the senses because weather you are having chicken salad with mango sauce dressing or vegan hummus sandwich you’ll be definitely coming back for more. Speaking of desserts, they have the most scrumptious cheese cake I have ever tried in my life, and trust me, I looove me some good cheese cake. The best thing of all is that everything is fresh, homemade and made with love.


But what makes the place so special is not only listed in the menu, but it’s in the people you’ll see there. Because just like you and I, those are people who care, and not only about your health, but they care about all of those in need. So for their first birthday party they decided to arrange a charity event and give away the tip made during the day, plus 10% of the daily income to the animal protection association ANIMA MUNDI.

So now if you want to bring some freshness to your diet or you even have a cool charity idea, you know where to go. I guarantee you that after only one visit, Squeeze Me will become your favorite place in Skopje. Because food, just like art, has to come from the soul.



by Viktorija Spendjarska

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