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Those warm Julies and Augusts may be good for Macedonian wine making the country famous for it, but they sure are not helping people cope with suffocating summers.

Have you simply wanted to just go abroad and come back once the weather has calmed down? Well, what if we told you that this is precisely what our 119 clients/friends thought of doing during the summer of 2016? In addition to that, they were accommodated in top destinations in Europe, such as Barcelona, Berlin, Reggio Calabria and Verona, while also studying the domestic language. One such month represents perfect opportunity for one to experience fully how it is like to live in one of these locations while deep-diving into local culture, appreciating the every-day life in the city, learning a new language, and enriching oneself by one extensive life experience of living abroad.


Educational center Da Naucime has long years of experience in organizing such courses abroad, and facilitating everything from the point when the traveler enters the plane and comes back after one month.


We begin with our promotion of our offering early in the year, in February so there is plenty of time for people to get familiar with our journeys. We also offer many vouchers and scholarships that reduce the price of the trips significantly, and they are operating on the first-come first-served basis, so clients need to make haste. We always include in the price of our trips transportation, aerial or bus, travel insurance lasting 1 month, transport from the airport to the accommodation, 1 month of accommodation, language course at the desired city, and the organization of the trips. Furthermore, we also offer free of charge preparatory language classes that start approximately 1 month before the trip so students can refresh their knowledge of language before going to the country.




“We have had many satisfied clients, to whom we refer as friends, since we always travel with them so after one month of intensive socializing we become actual friends. We cook together, we go out, we eat, study, and party together!” – Sanja Apostolska, founder and CEO of Da Naucime.



This year, Da Naucime is also offering winter courses, taking place in January and February. Feel free to contact us in order to find out more!



“Summer 2016 – best vacation ever! Socializing, going out and a lot of fun, mixed with the true professionalism of professors made the trip to Reggio Calabria unforgettable! Studying the language along with visiting beautiful cities in the south of Italy and Sicily have surpassed our expectations. We spent one incredible month on the shores of Ionic and Tyrrhenian Seas where we had the chance to meet people from all around the world. We were all coming from different backgrounds, yet we all shared the same goal – to study while having fun. Also, huge thanks to Da Naucime that made all this organized and possible!” – Николова Елена



2“Traveling and getting to know new cultures have broadened my life horizons. With the organization of Da Naucime, I made my wishes come true. First, my trip was one unforgettable month in Italy. We were there mainly in order to study the language, but also to get familiar with South of Italy. Thanks to the organization and wonderful guides it was possible to visit the most wonderful beaches in South of Italy, including Tropea beach, my favorite! We also visited Sicily, Scilla, and many other places, and we felt as if we were diving in the Italian culture and the ways of life. Da Naucime’s organization was very good also in Berlin. This is actually my second time traveling with them. Berlin is a wonderful city, where literally anyone can find something for him/herself. We were visiting museums, botanic gardens, and places of culture and history every day. However, studying German was a priority. Apart from the guides, we also had German professor from Macedonia, who was always there for us, available for any questions we had in regards to homework or difficulties in grammar. In addition to that, I really liked the approach of guides that made no barriers between us, and acted quite friendly, trying to fulfill our every wish. There are no words to describe all the adventures, new experience and friendships that happed on these wonderful trips. I would advise anyone to become part of this huge family that keeps growing and growing”

– Marija Dimitrova



3) “I spent an unforgettable summer  in Barcelona and made many new friends. Apart from them, I also improved my knowledge of language and Spanish culture. That month was rich in having fun, hanging out with others, and studying. The trip was a way of proving to my parents that I am responsible and a “grown-up” person able to take care of myself. One month passed very fast, and I can say that it was the best trip in my life!” –Ljubica Netkova

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