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At the beginning of September 2016 , we took part in the Youth Exchange YES (Youth European Strategy) organised by Balkan Youth Festival “The Balkan Youth”. It was a youth exchange with 56 young people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Spain. The project took place from 05.09.2016 to 12.09.2016 in Sandanski, Bulgaria. The aim of the project was to explore some new ways how dance can be involved in non-formal education. We spent an amazing time there with all of the participants. Here are some of our opinions and experiences:

Elena Bogdanovska – During this project we learned a lot of things. The best experience for me was spending time with other 55 participants, exploring their cultures, their own way of thinking, sharing different kinds of opinions, learning some words and basic things about their languages and getting introduced to other types of dances as well. Аlso I was amazed about the dance tango and how many emotions it includes. I liked it a lot and after watching the others dancing it, I got a wish that I could dance it also.


David Bogdanovski– The time that I spent in Sandanski was a huge life experience for me. We met a lot of new friends, we learned a lot of new dances like tango, hip hop, zumba. All of our time, we were together with the other participants, which were coming from other 7 countries and I have learned a lot of new things about them.


Elena Velickovska– By participating in the seminar YES- Youth European Strategy, we were introduced to the cultures and traditions of the people of different countries who were participating in the festival. Each day started with laughter and fun games,provided for mutual understanding and friendship, sharing knowledge and general concepts from other languages such as Romanian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Bulgarian. We had a traditional dinner which had a variety of food and beverages,celebrating the joys of each country separately. We visited the smallest city in Southwest Bulgaria which is about 440m above sea level and keeps the status “city “for historical reasons.

Tatjana Georgievska – It was good time to be there. We have beautiful memories from this project, from which we also learned some new stuffs about other countries.I really enjoyed it because i learned new words on other languages, i learned new dances, I met new friends, taste traditonal food from other contries..I think this is the most wonderful opportunity thay can be given by volounteers organization.


Marijan Cakalovski– The time I spent in Sandanski was one of the best experiences in my life. Hanging out with the other people, parties, activities, the games, a lot of fun in one place. My biggest impression were the concerts because from each country, each participant was dancing different type of dance, for example tango, salsa, hip hop, zumba, traditional dances. Even we had a chance to choose which of the dances we want to learn, and I chose hip hop. Except that, we had a chance to represent our country Macedonia, to prepare our traditional food and drink. The evening hours were full of fun, hanging out, parties, disco, meeting with other people with which we will stay good friends for sure.

Nikola Dimovski– I took place in a lot of games,who helped me to get to know about other people cultures and languages. I took part in dancing workshop and learned a lot of dances dispite my own. I hade opportunity to show Macedonian culture and Macedonian food and Macedonian folkore costumes that a lot of other participants liked a lot. We showed a lot of communication skill and learn Italian,Spanish,Romanian and even Greek language.


Angela Doninska– Seven days full of hanging out, fun and new experiences for me. It was my pleasure to be part of the YES project, a wonderful opportunity to learn something new like dancing and the culture of the other countries which were also part of the project. During this week i improved my english, and we were spending our free time with games in order to get know each other and exchange experiences.


Bojan Misevski– First of all i would like to thank to the Volunteer Center Skopje, which allow me to participate in this event. It was my honor that i was part of the Youth European Strategy, in which, except getting know the city of Sandanski, we met a lot of friends, places, cultures, traditions, languages, which helped me to improve and to gather huge experiences. Also thanks to the hosts who were hard working and welcomed us in the best way possible. Everyone who has a chance like this should accept it without hesitating. Have a nice day!

Author :Elena Bogdanovska

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