Project “Young Active Europeans” in Topola, Serbia

young-active-europeansLast month, from 13.11 to 20.11, Kristijan Tevchev, Angela Rajchevska, and Dimitaras representatives of Volunteers Centre Skopje, participated in the project Young Active Europeans, in Topola, Serbia.
The project was organized by the Serbian non-governmental organization Eco Mladenovac, supporting by Erasmus + Programme for youth .This was the first of two phases that will implement the entire project.
The first phase, actually, included the training from 13 to 20 November in Topola, Serbia. While the second phase will take place from 12 to 19 February 2017 in Krzyzowa (Krizhova), Poland.
The first activity of the project was held in Topola. Small city located in the region Shumadija, Serbia. The place where Karadjordje, Serbian revolutionary, was elected as the leader of the first Serbian uprising against the Ottoman Empire in year 1804.


In this activity were involved twelve NGO’s from different European countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.

The purpose of this project, which was implemented within the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union, was to introduce the participants to explore the idea of youth social and political activism. Also, during the project was promoted the European citizenship, his place in the strategies and requirements of the European Union, as well as practical introduction to civil rights through informal education.

Participants, through the activities of the training, worked on different methods that to promote the support of the EU to engage youth in activities that enable them to learn about their abilities and cause local activities.

As a part of the training, the participants had the opportunity to visit the local church of St. George, King’s Peter house and the royal winery.


“This was my 6th Erasmus + project, and I can say it was the best one I attended. Starting from the organizers that really made us feel welcomed in the small Serbian town of Topola, the trainers that did a great job to make the sessions interesting and interactive, and most of all the participants, that contributed the most for the whole event to be what it was.

Everyone was positive and friendly, and I had the opportunity to learn new things about their countries and culture, and most important make new friends from around Europe. I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to participate to an Erasmus + project, to participate and have a great experience like we did” – says Dimitar Tanevski.

 “When you combine tireless and enthusiastic trainers and a exciting program, with a mixture of 30 amazing people from 8 different countries, all set in a small Serbian town with amazing culture and the evergreen Balkan cuisine, you get “Young Active Europeans”, the best Erasmus+ project that I have attended so far. It was an outstanding experience that I would highly recommend!”- says Kristijan Tevchev.


Educative, fun, interesting. My first Erasmus + project. Incredible experience that I can not wait to be repeated. I recommend it to all of you that want to learn something more about the world, more about yourself!

 – Angela Rajcheska

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