Christmas market

cologne-christmas-markets-1Christmas come, and in Europe Christmas rhyme with family, gift and christmas Market !

In this article we will travel in this European tradition. Christmas Market is an west Europe tradition, when christmas come all cities wear her christmas closes, christmas trees, garland and market on the centrale square. This tradition start in Late Middle Ages in the German-speaking part of Europe and in many eastern regions of France and Switzerland. Christmas market permit to discover all traditions off the country, the events create a special atmosphere for prepared christmas like it should be.

 It’s in Europe where we can find the must of this market and we will discover some of them.


 Christmas market of Cologne

Advent is the time for Christmas markets, and Cologne is no exception. From 21 November to 23 December 2016, the magic of Christmas will be felt throughout the festively decorated city. The aroma of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine will waft through the alleys, and many differently themed Christmas markets will invite people to stroll, shop and explore. Among the trees of the Stadtgarten is a more left-field market selling Mongolian slippers, jewellery and dozens of different honeys. It’s a peaceful spot to sit with a mug of glühwein.


 Cologne has not one but seven Christmas markets. The larger Christmas markets are held in downtown Cologne, but Cologne’s smaller Christmas markets also have plenty to offer. Head to the Old Town’s cobbled Alter Markt and Cathedral markets for candles, tree decorations and handmade lacework. The fairy-tale St Nick’s Village on Rudolfplatz is good for wooden toys, and locals’ favourite Neumarkt’s Angel’s Market for Dresden Stollen cake.

 Cologne’s Christmas markets attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year. You too can savour the unique atmosphere of this metropolis on the Rhine at this special time of year. You’re sure to be enchanted!


Christmas market of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the (must famous) best place for christmas market in France, close your eyes and  discover the lovely smell of a Christmas tree, of a hot wine or the sound of Christmas carols.

Browse the avenue of « chalet » bear giant red-and-white hearts; stars, angels and snowflakes garland the cobbled streets. You will find all french’s winter specialities and and don’t miss the bredele biscuits, a local speciality. These special biscuits come in all shapes and flavours, from hazelnut, orange and cinnamon to walnut, coconut and praline. Take them home. Hang them on your tree… Then eat them.


The oldest Christmas market in Europe, the Christkindelsmärik was first held in Strasbourg in 1570. With its 300 stalls, spread out over 12 locations in the city centre, the authenticity, warmth and generosity of Strasbourg Capital of Christmas form an Alsatian tradition which has been successfully maintained ever since.

The spiritual environment and traditions of Advent are well established in Strasbourg. You will find 4 outstanding Advent concerts, a Living Nativity and a wide range of authentic live music and cultural events. It’s the perfect opportunity to go on a cultural trip through time!

 Christmas market of Sofia

The must german christmas market of the Balkans.

Bulgaria’s capital city is one of the newer destinations for Christmas markets, but with a Bulgarian and German theme, it is rapidly becoming a must visit balkan’s destination for anyone looking for some festive fun. Sofia’s Christmas Market, referred to as Kolidariya or Koledaria, is held in Borisova Gradina Park and runs from the end November until early January, taking in the Eastern Orthodox Christmas on January 7. 


You can discover on there avenue, delicious German sausages and Try a tipple of greyana rakiya will keep you going as you browse the traditional german and bulgarian handicrafts on offer. Rose Oil is one of Bulgaria’s most famous exports, the perfect traditional gift and just happens to be one of the hottest products at the moment, so stock up for a beauty boost.

Winter in Europe is a wonderful time to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets. If you are looking for Christmas presents and dream of the lovely smell of a Christmas tree or the sound of Christmas carols.


By Laurène Duvert

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