How to be an Agro entrepreneur?!

imgp1395Starting from 13th till 22nd of February there`s ongoing training course in Uri, Sardinia (Italy) “How to be an Agro entrepreneur” as a second part of a long term project that gathers 24 participants from 6 countries: Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. The project is realized through the Erasmus+ program of the EU Commission and the team of the Volunteers Centre Skopje is on the very location. Aleksandra, Andrej, Goran and Dzenifer are working together in mixed international teams of youth workers sharing their experience and building their competences related to the topic.


This training course aims to enhance and train up the skills of the participants in the field of agro start-ups. Experienced youth workers will pass on and exchange their experience in the field including the obstacles and difficulties they faced as well as point out the benefits of such a work. The training is meant to have a multiplying effect as the concrete training and toolbox will be given to youth how to start up their own enterprises pointing out the most common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. 16809130_10211600505305146_963301323_nSuch a work will be achieved through all the methods of the non-formal approach of education that characterize the Erasmus+ projects (presentations, debates, world café, workshops, meeting with trainers and experts as well as visiting some of the best practices of green jobs implemented in the very region of Sardinia. One of the objectives to achieve is also raising the awareness on the environmental issues among the local community.

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