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I live already here 5 months; I got to know the culture of Macedonia, the people who live here and a lot more. Now it is time to tell something about my home country. Germany. As a consequence I thought I can tell you about the music scene in Germany, especially in regard of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held this year in Kiev, Ukraine.

eurovision song contest

In the last few years Germany ended up last in this competition, but is our music really that bad? Macedonia didn`t like the song competing for Germany.

I f you hear the word music a lot of people associate the classical music to our country. Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, just to name a few. But we too have a pop scene quite diverse, but not very popular in the rest of Europe.

First of all we have the “Schlager”, a very traditional music scene, usually heard by elderly and more conservative people. Here at the moment are Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer the most popular singers. They fill huge Helene Fischerstadiums with thousands of people, but no one in the rest of the world, except for Austria and Switzerland, know their name.

Then we have the music scene for the generation 15-30 years. Here it is very divers. Years ago usually only music from Great Britain and the USA was popular, but now a new generation of musicians try to meld the different styles of the English sung music with the German language.Nena

Let’s start with Nena, a German Pop Singer. She had a huge hit in 1984 with “99 Air Balloons “(Original 99 Luftballons) in the USA.

Toten Hosen, a very popular Punk Band from Düsseldorf is since over 20 years popular. They even had concert with Bono from the Irish Band U2.

die toten Hosen


Peter Maffay is a rock singer and even wrote a children’s musical called “Tabaluga”. Fanta 4, a German Hip Hop band, based in Stuttgart, melts the German language with the style typical for Hip Hop. Xavier Naidoo

Xavier Naidoo from Mannheim is a fan of soul music. He sings in German and in English.

SEEED from Berlin with their lead singer Peter Fox uses elements of Reggae. They appeared in the opening of the Football World Championship 2006 in Germany.








But we too have also German bands, which do not sing in their native language like “The Boss Hoss”.


They are popular singing country music and sing only in English. And there are a lot of crossovers like Andreas Gabalier, a Austrian singer, who originates in „Schlager“, but has a lot of rock elements in his music.Andreas-Gabalier_Pressefoto_2011-CMS-Source

So if you watch this year the Eurovision Song Contest and hear the song from Germany (Levina singing the song “Perfect Life”) and once again we find us in the last place…..we have a much bigger variety of different music in Germany.

By Dominik Daniel

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