The play of the water

The artwork is a story for itself, but it incorporates the creator and the recipient. The play is “blind seriousness” but also an activity in which lingers what escapes us, it keeps shaping or taking part in the play with the clouds. “


Blashka Mieva is a young artist who lives and works in Skopje. She finished art at the secondary school “Lazar Licenoski” in Skopje, continuing her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, at the Painting Department under the mentorship of professor Velo Tashovski at the department for conservation and restoration of the frescoes and icons. Awarded best student of the generation 2008/9. Member of the Club of Artists of Macedonia (DLUM). Till now, she has achieved three solo exhibitions in 2009 at MKC, 2012 in Creative Skopje and 2014 exhibition of mosaics (Concept 37) in Skopje. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

In the period from 17th February to 6th March 2017, this young artist has set her fourth solo exhibition of watercolors at the Museum of the City of Skopje. Under the title “The play of the water”, through the presented watercolor paintings are intertwined various elements from figurative to abstract forms. These paintings carry a story that is represented by objects, motifs and characters that reflect feelings.

VCS: What inspired you for this exhibition?

Blashka: I wanted to present the water, as one of the five essential elements of the universe, in a different way, that is, to decant in a story that is inspired by the play of the water, the reflection of the water and water surfaces. The reflection which the water creates is a reflection on everything that is happening above and under the water. Reflection which is also a play is actually a clash of colors, shapes, which in the water receive unreal, magical perception of water as an element, for which we are not aware that it is actually everywhere at the same time. Surge and movements of water change per second and the changes are generated by the reflections. Those imaginary landscapes are not only created from the actual landscapes of the nature, but from all the shapes and forms that are above and under the water.

VCS: What is art for you as an artist?

Blashka: First of all, art is a way of life. Through art I present my deep essence and allow others to see it. It is never superficial, never false. One task of the artist is to represent and visualize the hidden beauty even in ordinary things. The attempt for a different perspective on things is extremely important and is a step forward. Thus, an attempt for a better world.


VCS: The connection between your art and your life?

Blashka: The connection is inseparable.

VCS: Your future plans?

Blashka: To continue to provoke the hidden beauty in things and present it from a different point of view.

Blashka Mieva is also active in the field of jewelry design for 15 years.

Translated by Angela Rajchevska

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