Agro entrepreneurship? The glorious municipality of Uri?

IMG-20170309-WA0007For the first question I am sure that you will somehow be able to find a logical interpretation. You know agro, agriculture, farming, green houses etc. you know all that from the garden to the market. Entrepreneurship, well we hear that a lot in the past couple of years and how important it is for the economy, for the country, for the young people. So you get the clue. On the other hand the glorious municipality of Uri?? Even if you are kind of an expert in geography, even in Italian geography it is still difficult to understand because I am quite sure that you are not that familiar with Uri and how glorious it is.

So a training course on how to be an agro entrepreneur in Uri, Sardinia, Italy. Along with three other participants from VCS we were part of a training course on which we started from the basics on what is entrepreneurship, what is a business plan and how to develop it along with some finer aspects of it, developing projects with an agro mindset, using ICT tools and developing Erasmus + projects. A nice group of people that was part of the project made the experience even better since it enabled nice brainstorming and development of ideas. IMG-20170309-WA0004The workshops especially the ones concerning the agro entrepreneurship and developing an agro business managed to give the participants a nice insight of what it takes to even start developing a business idea and even some starting to think whether they can realize those ideas. It was held in a great environment, in the glorious municipality of Uri, which is a located in the north-south part of Sardinia and is a nice place to really develop and train your mind in the field of agro entrepreneurship.

Uri is a place where you will see Sardinian people and that you are able to socialize with them, even a couple of times in a week without any need of social media contact, without any phones, you just need to go out and you will see them. You will see the person you saw the previous night in the bar and the day before at the restaurant.


This was a training course on one of the most contemporary topics now. And you know what? It has a second part, in Serbia. It was a place where you met great people and exchanged some nice ideas that hopefully can develop even further and if you want to do the same and explore another glorious municipality, this time in Serbia, be sure to apply. I am sure you will learn something new and have a great time as we did.

By Andrej Naumovski

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