Jackson Five

Jackson. Who doesn’t know this name. Like Presley, Charles or Dylan Jackson is a name, which has written history in music. But, Jackson is more than a name of one musician, it is a family of musicians.

Familie Jackson

The family Jackson  produced known artist like Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Randy Jackson or, the most popular and very successful, Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson

The fact that the family produced so many music artist probably was because the father of the family, Joseph Jackson, was very ambitious and put his children under a lot of pressure to work in this kind of area. In Michael’s case his career already started in his childhood. With only 7 years Michael became the singer of the “Jackson Five”. This group consisted with the five brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson.


Soon the “Jackson Five” could celebrate the first small successes, winning several talent competitions. 1969 a record contract with at the time one of the most important US-American soul label Motown and an appearance on the legendary “The Ed Sullivan Show”  on the 14th of December 1969 brought the national breakthrough of the “Jackson Five”.

The Ed Sulivan Show 1969

Hits like “I want you back” or songs like “ABC”, “The Love you saves” and “I’ll be there” introduced the soul group also in the international scene. Till the middle of 1975 the group published at total 13 albums with Motown.

However, Motown was known for the fact that the songs were written exclusively by professional songwriters.

Motown Logo

The  Jackson brothers however wanted to become also the creatively active one; so they separated themselves from Motown. Just Jermaine stayed and so he was replaced by Randy. After their separation the group received in spring 1976 with Epic Records a new record contract.

Epic Records

The rights for the name still were with Motown, so they simply called themselves “The Jacksons”.

The Jacksons

With “Show you the way to go” they had  their only number one hits with Epic Records, but the world tour end of the 70th and in the beginning of the 80s were pioneering. Although the songs of “The Jacksons” were not anymore chart toppers,”The Jacksons” were still worldwide successful. 1980 Jermaine returned back to the group. From July to December 1984 the group made a tour again with the album “Victory” through the USA, also called “Victory tour”.

Victory Tour Logo

Shortly after the end it Michael told the public his resignation of “The Jackson”, which was also the end of this group and so Michael Jackson’s solo career started and the birth of one of the most inspiring and popular world music artist began.

Besides really popular songs he produced many successful songs like “Thriller”, “Got to be there”, “Bad” or “Invincible”. Song texts that made simply history.

By Dominik Daniel

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