In 1997, the history of the DUB INCORPORATION began. A story that recalls others, lived by many groups too: that of friends gathered around a common passion, music. The origins and musical influences of each member of the group are rich and varied, and that is what makes the singularity of their music.Today, DUB inc, it is seven artists including two singers, Hakim Meridja said Bouchkour and Aurélien Zohou said Komlan.

itw_dub-incorporation (1)

Why DUB inc? « Dub » is a kind of music from Jamaican reggae, which is characterized by the manipulation of instrumental or vocal recordings. « Inc » for Incorporation, testifies to the desire for musical mixing, a true diversity in which the different styles of music are mixed with each other.

The style of DUB inc can not be summarized to a French reggae, it is a mixture of reggae, raï, rap, electro-funk, rock, etc.. Mixing the styles and the music of the world is one of the reason of being of this band, each member entered with his singular musical universe and enriched the collective work.

The texts of DUB inc ask political questions on dancing rhythms. The group expresses in its songs the spirit of revolt of a whole generation. The song Everything They Want, for example, addresses issues related to exclusion and immigration. The committed group encourages its audience to react.

tOine_DubInc_Affiche1 (1)

Independent group, DUB inc has its own label and co-ordinates its tours. He is accompanied only by a distributor and a tour operator. This organization allows them to build a course closest to the public, in complete freedom.

DUB inc is known for its lively stage performances. Although he is not well-publicized, he managed to make a great show at each concert and win competitions such as the Fair Contest in 2004 or the Web Reggae Awards in 2008. For band members, it’s another way to make music , Away from magazines, favoring small scenes at major festivals. During shows, singers and musicians do not hesitate to involve a public that sings, dances and “jumps”. The song Jump up, taken at the end of each concert, allows DUB inc to dialogue with his audience, causing him to sit down, then inciting him to leap to the rhythm of music.


An extract translated from one of their song «  All they want » :

Born in France Yeah! I love it, it’s my land

When she respects her sons and considers us

We stay straight, proud, our roots, our fathers,

The product of a common history, love and hate go together

And the three colours on the flag

Are not enough to colour this board

From this country, from this people so beautiful

Identity is not just a word

What our fathers did, leaving or fleeing their land

Changing hemispheres, beware to all these sectaries

Their adaption to this nation

Was won through the sweat of their brows

Here to win a struggle, to find their place

A poisonous atmosphere, today more than yesterday

So many questions, confusions

Being French is not just a decision!


By Juliette Caron

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