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In all periods of live we need to learn something, why not make it more fun and effective? Active learning is a process whereby people do more than just passively listen, they engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content. Active learning engages people in two aspects – doing things and simultaneously think about the work done and the purpose behind it so that they can enhance their higher order thinking capabilities.


Principles of active learning:

  • Purposive: the relevance of the task with the persons’ concerns.
  • Reflective:persons’ reflection on the meaning of what is learnt.
  • Negotiated:negotiation of goals and methods of learning between people and teachers.
  • Critical:people appreciate different ways and means of learning the content.
  • Complex:people compare learning tasks with complexities existing in real life and making reflective analysis.
  • Situation-driven:the need of the situation is considered in order to establish learning tasks.
  • Engaged:real life tasks are reflected in the activities conducted for learning.


Active learning exercises

class discussion may be held in person or in an online environment. Discussion requires the learners to think critically on the subject matter and use logic to evaluate their and others’ positions.

learning cell is a process of learning where two people alternate asking and answering questions on commonly read materials. Person reads the meterial and write down questions that he/she have about the reading and disscus those questions with others.

collaborative learning group. It is work in groups of 3-6 people and they are given an assignment or task to work on together.

student debate is an active way for students to learn because they allow students the chance to take a position and gather information to support their view and explain it to others.

reaction to a video. The video helps the student to understand what they are learning at the time in an alternative presentation mode.

class game is also considered an energetic way to learn because it not only helps the students to review the course material before a big exam but it helps them to enjoy learning about a topic.

Learning by teaching is also an example of active learning because students actively research a topic and prepare the information so that they can teach it to the class. This helps students learn their own topic even better and sometimes students learn and communicate better with their peers than their teachers.


There other examples like: small group discussion,think-pair-share“, short written exercise or “one-minute paper”, jigsaw technique, mind maps, „gallery walk“ and etc.

So, if you need to learn something and don‘t know where to start, start with this, involve other, watch documentaries, discuss, teach your friend on the topic, use all the exercises and have fun while achieving the better version of yourself.:)

By Laura Babaityte

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