Multicultural Student Life stands as a testament of the University’s commitment to diversity and appreciation of differences in its student, faculty, and staff populations. Multicultural Student Life contributes to an inclusive learning environment by enhancing institutional efforts in retaining and graduating students prepared for a diverse global society. In this article I am promoting the academic success, equality, and leadership development of students through programs and services that holistically address cultural, educational, and civic growth. Notable personalities in the arts, politics, activism and sciences have been brought to the campus for the enrichment of the students, staff and local community through the programs and events offered through the Office of Multicultural Student Life. Each student brings to campus many cultures, experiences, and perspectives and Multicultural Affairs serves as a resource for them to capitalize on the rich education and growth found in the active exchange across multiple identities within a community. Multicultural advisors provide programs, resources, mentorship, intercultural learning and institutional advocacy. University and inclusion are not only central to the student experience, they are key components to learning and development.


I am student at International Balkan University. Our mission is to provide a high quality and educational standards to increase the number of self-confident individuals who can think in a multidimensional way with highly sensible social responsibility and competitive characteristics globally. We also aim to contribute the development of science and technology by researching and producing high quality, original publications.The principles are the basis which determine our daily attitude. These principles are internalized by our academic and administrative staff, and thus have become general rules.

1.Pluralism: to consider different ethnic identities, cultural trends as a whole in the frame of tolerance and synergy, and to work in a multiethnic structure.
2. Equilibrium: to be impartial on every kind of work or process taking into consideration the region’s multiethnic and multicultural structure.
3. Quality: to achiеve higher standards on the education activities, on selecting academic staff, the technology used, documentation, research, projects and publications.
4. Timely manner: to finish the jobs and actions in due time, promptly and satisfactorily as requested.
5. Geniality: to be polite, sensitive and genial on the educative activities, on the relations with the parents and the public.


The main point of all is students to become qualitative professionals, changers of tomorrow, decision-makers for a better world!


Statement of IBU student

IBU is not only a perfect place to faster out minds and bodies, it is really a place which gathers the Balkans and Turkey. I learnt new skills, knowledge and also life at IBU made me more confident and to be well prepared for my professional career. I felt that I was lucky to have encountered such a variety of things during my first year here.I have learned so much about different cultures of the students coming from all around the Balkans. The multicultural environment of IBU helps broaden out understanding of different cultures and social norms, which ultimately teaches lessons of how to reconcile our differences and how to celebrate diversity. I would recommend International Balkan University to everyone, to someone who is thinking of studying here.

Statement of IBU employee

Multicultural education refers to any form of education or teaching that incorporates the histories, texts, values, beliefs, and perspectives of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Teachers and other educators may learn about the cultural backgrounds of students in the University, and then intentionally incorporate learning experiences and content relevant to their personal cultural perspectives and heritage. Students may also be encouraged to learn about the cultural backgrounds of other students in a class, and students from different cultures may be given opportunities to discuss and share their cultural experiences.

Our university share struggles how as educators can understand diversity among ethnic groups and cultures, resolve conflicts between curricular and multicultural goals, and find authentic models and mentors for their students. But most important, we learn how this group of educators has come to realize that they need to know themselves if they are to truly know their students.


Unfortunately most educational institutions are not prepared to implement multicultural education in their classrooms. Multicultural education requires a staff that is not only diverse, but also culturally competent. Educators must be aware, responsive and embracing of the diverse beliefs, perspectives and experiences. They must also be willing and ready to address issues of controversy.

In this way, multicultural education in International Balkan University aims to improve the learning and success of all students, particularly students from cultural groups that have been historically underrepresented or that suffer from lower educational achievement and attainment.


For example, students who are not proficient in the English language may learn it at preparation English language school in our university, so they do not fall behind academically or drop out of university due to language limitations.

Why don’t you also come to International Balkan University, make many  acquaintances and make a good invest in you and your future?


                                                                                                     By Aleksandra Krstevska

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